Medical Genius Chapter 619

 When Lin Mo returned to the kitchen, Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Dad, why did you give him the BMW?"

                "Didn't you say that I would be given this BMW to drive in the future?"

                Xu Jiangong smiled, "Silly child."

                "This project, it can make several hundred million dollars."

                "When we make money, I'll buy each of you a new car."

                "What more do you need a BMW for?"

                Xu Dongxue was overjoyed: "Dad, you're so kind!"

                Huang Liang also had a joyful face, "Xue'er, actually Dad did the right thing."

                "If we want this share back, of course we have to give Lin Mo something sweet."

                "It's just a second-hand BMW, what's wrong with giving it to him?"

                "When the time comes, we'll each have a luxury car, several times more expensive than him, and you won't think how good that BMW is!"

                Xu Dongxue nodded vigorously, her face full of longing.

                The next morning, Xu Jiangong's family took Lin Mo to transfer his shares early in the morning again.

                Lin Mo did not refuse and cooperated very much in transferring all the shares to Xu Jian Gong.

                After the transfer was completed, Xu Jiangong and his family were so happy that they went to a fancy restaurant to have a celebration dinner at noon that day.

                As for Lin Mo, of course they would not bring him along.

                After the transfer of shares, Lin Mo had lost his value in their eyes.

                After three rounds of wine, Huang Liang immediately began to flatter him, "Dad, if this villa project is done well, you'll be the future titan of the real estate industry in Guangyang City!"

                "By then, Xu Yongqing and Xu Jianping will be no match for you."

                "You will be on an equal footing with the big shots of the ten families!"

                "Maybe, our Xu family will also become one of the Ten Great Families!"

                "When the time comes, let Xu Yongqing and the others see who can shine and who can carry the Xu family forward!"

                Xu Jiangong was red-faced and smug, "Hahahaha, ah Xiao Huang, you deserve a lot of credit for what happened this time."

                "In the afternoon, you are also coming with me to the construction company and continue to be your general manager."

                "This villa area project will be left in your charge, don't let me down!"

                Huang Liang was overjoyed and nodded his head repeatedly, "Dad, don't worry."

                "With me keeping an eye on it, there will definitely not be any problems!"

                Xu Dongxue was also beaming with joy, "In the old days, there was Jiang Ziya who worshipped his minister at the age of eighty, now there is my father rising to power at the age of fifty."

                "Dad, I've always known that it's not that you're incapable, you just lacked an opportunity."

                "Now the opportunity has finally come, from now on, I'll see who dares to look down on us!"

                "When you make a lot of money, we'll buy the Xu family's old mansion."

                "How they drove us out of the Xu family in the first place, let's drive them out of the Xu family too!"

                Xu Jiangong's face was full of anger at the mention of this past incident.

                The fact that they had been expelled from the old Xu family home was the greatest shame of all.

                Xu Jian Gong was always thinking of revenge!

                Fang Hui gritted her teeth and nodded, "That's right, it's indeed time to show them what we've achieved!"

                "Jian Gong, how about this, let's stop by the villa area this afternoon and inspect it."

                "When the time comes, you go and pick up Xu Jianping and the others."

                "I want them to see with their own eyes how big the project we're working on now really is!"

                Xu Jiangong's eyes lit up, "That's a good idea!"

                "Little Huang, how about you go and pick up Xu Jianping and the others this afternoon?"

                Huang Liang immediately nodded, "No problem!"

                "Leave it to me!"

                Several people happily ate their meals and then rushed straight to the construction company.

                Xu Jian Gong proudly showed off in several departments before immediately going to inspect the villa area.

                Huang Liang took the lead and went straight to Xu's house to pick up Xu Yongqing Xu Jianping and the others.

                Xu Jiankong, on the other hand, let a few people from the construction company lead the way and went straight to the villa area.