Medical Genius Chapter 618

 Xu Dongxue sneered, "He dares?"

                "Don't you forget that the initial three hundred million was also borrowed from our Xu family's business."

                "To put it bluntly, it all came from our Xu family."

                "Even he, too, is our family's son-in-law at home."

                "You asked him for a share in this company, what reason would he have for not giving it to you?"

                Huang Liang also nodded, "Dad, it's not a matter of company shares, it's a matter of family assets!"

                "This Lin, surnamed Lin, is not a good person at all."

                "Look at what he's done, those two buddies of his, they're now in full control of the herb company."

                "Even if we want to use some money, we can't even get it out."

                "On the side of Xu Pharmaceutical, the board of directors is even overwhelmingly supporting him."

                "If this construction company is held by him again, then isn't our Xu family's industry all in his pocket?"

                "Dad, we can't indulge him like this!"

                Xu Jiangong's face turned cold as he slowly nodded, "That's right, we can't indulge him anymore!"

                "Xue'er, you go and let Lin Mo out!"

                Xu Dongxue was overjoyed and immediately ran to the kitchen, calling Lin Mo out with a toe in the air.

                Lin Mo walked to the living room, "Dad, you need to see me?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded and said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo, I've thought about it and still think, I can't let you worry too much."

                "Your job at the hospital is also very important, you can't just lose it."

                "On the construction company side, let's leave it to me."

                "Later on, the two of us will go and hand over the shares of the construction company!"

                Lin Mo froze, "Dad, didn't you say before that you didn't want this share anymore?"

                "Why are you taking it back now?"

                Xu Jiangong was furious, "I've changed my mind now, okay?"

                "What do you mean by that?"

                "Are you questioning me?"

                Lin Mo hurriedly said, "Dad, I don't mean that."

                "But, I'm afraid that even if I want to return the shares to you now, the Zhou family won't be willing to do so!"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "What does this have to do with the Zhou family?"

                "This part of the shares belongs to our Xu family, we can arrange it however we want, is it his Zhou family's turn to care?"

                Lin Mo: "Dad, that's what the words say though."

                "But, this time, the Zhou family has invested a lot in the villa area project."

                "The Zhou family takes this investment very seriously and won't allow any mistakes."

                "If I give you my shares in the company at this time, the Zhou family will think that I am trying to get out of it while I can."

                "When that happens, I'm afraid things will be very troublesome!"

                Xu Jiangong froze for a moment, and then said angrily, "What a load of nonsense!"

                "You're giving me your shares, not someone else."

                "I am the head of our family, Xu Pharmaceutical, the herbal company, all belong to our family."

                "I'm personally in charge of the herbal company, isn't that enough weight?"

                "How could the Zhou family possibly think that?"

                Xu Dongxue also sneered, "Brother-in-law, you're overestimating yourself."

                "Do you really think it's you that the Zhou family cares about?"

                "What the Zhou family needs is someone with weight to sit on the construction company!"

                "No matter which way you look at it, Dad is far more suitable than you!"

                Huang Liang bristled, "Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, using such lame excuses and trying to swallow the construction company?"

                "You underestimate our intelligence too much, don't you?"

                Lin Mo shrugged helplessly, "Dad, since you said so, then we'll go and complete the formalities tomorrow."

                Only then did Xu Jiangong nod in satisfaction, "Very well."

                "Lin Mo, don't worry, this project was negotiated by you."

                "When the time comes to make money, I will definitely not treat you poorly."

                "Turn around, when this project is done, my BMW, you can take it and drive it!"

                Lin Mo was speechless to the extreme, this BMW, was also originally given to him by Nanba Tian.

                Later, Tiger gave him a Mercedes Benz, which was taken away by Xu Jiangong.

                This BMW, on the other hand, had become Fang Hui's car.

                Now, Xu Jiangong was acting as if he was being generous, but in fact, to put it bluntly, he was just letting Lin Mo drive his second-hand car.