Medical Genius Chapter 615

 Lin Mo wrote a prescription and gave it to the divine doctor Xue, asking him to go inside the village to heal the villagers.

                After that, Lin Mo instructed Deng Jun to go to the herb company and fetch a batch of medicine over.

                Deng Jun also brought over some staff from the herb company, and under Lin Mo's instructions, the people concocted the batch of medicine and sprinkled it in the lake.

                As Divine Doctor Xue watched all this from the side, he said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, will such a small amount of medicine work for such a large lake?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "It's enough."

                "This parasitic worm egg will dissolve when it encounters this medicine."

                "In fact, for such a large lake, putting a few dozen pounds of this drug would be enough."

                "But in order to eradicate it completely to eliminate future problems, I've put ten times the amount here."

                "By the way, the process will take about twelve hours."

                "During this time, have someone keep an eye on this lake, and don't allow anyone to enter or leave, let alone allow the water in here to flow out."

                "After twelve hours, it will be fine!"

                Tiger immediately said, "Mr. Lin, don't worry."

                "For these twelve hours, I will personally lead someone to guard this place, so no one will be able to enter or leave this place!"

                Zhou Qiang also nodded repeatedly, "Mr. Lin, I will also bring the village people to guard this place."

                "Definitely no one will be allowed to enter or leave this place!"

                Lin Mo nodded, with these people double guarding, there would be no problem.

                The next matter was left to Divine Doctor Xue to handle.

                For the medicinal herbs, Lin Mo had the medicinal herb company sponsor them free of charge.

                After all, in the future, Lin Mo and the others would be developing this villa area near this area, and it was estimated that there would be a lot of involvement with several nearby villages.

                Sponsoring some medicinal herbs would not cost much, but would leave a lot of favours.

                Sure enough, when the villagers heard that Lin Mo had sponsored the medicinal herbs, they were all grateful and thankful to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo gave an explanation and left first.

                Zhou Yuanshan stayed here and was responsible for discussing with Zhou Qiang about restarting this project.

                In fact, all of Fang Shao's formalities had been completed before, but it was only the problem of the strange disease in the village that later caused the project to be called off.

                Now that this strange disease was resolved, there was no problem in restarting the project.

                With Zhou Qiang's cooperation and the help of the Zhou family behind the project, it would be very easy to restart the project.

                Lin Mo had just returned to the city when he received a call from He Qianxue.

                "Brother Lin, are you coming to work today?"

                "There's an old gentleman surnamed Fan who has been looking for you for two days and has been waiting for two hours this afternoon."

                "If you're not coming, I'll talk to him and tell him to go back first."

                Only then did Lin Mo remember that he had told Uncle Fan that he wanted to treat his wife's illness.

                During the past few days, Lin Mo had been so busy that he had not been at the hospital most of the time and had almost forgotten about it.

                He hurriedly asked He Qianxue to tell Uncle Fan that he would return to the hospital immediately.

                Half an hour later, Lin Mo arrived at the hospital.

                Uncle Fan had a thin woman with him and was sitting in Lin Mo's office.

                He Qianxue poured tea for the two while they were all formal.

                When they saw Lin Mo, the two men hurriedly stood up, and Uncle Fan had a respectful face, "Doctor Lin, you're back."

                "Sorry, I even had Miss He call you."

                "Actually, I ...... we don't have any urgent matters, there's no need to trouble you to make a special trip back."

                Lin Mo laughed, "Aiya, Uncle Fan, you mustn't say that."

                "It's ah, it's all my fault."

                "I told you to come to the hospital, but I was too busy to forget."

                "I'm so sorry!"

                Uncle Fan hurriedly said, "Doctor Lin, you mustn't say that."

                "We are here to trouble you, we should be the ones who are embarrassed."

                Lin Mo smiled and walked over to the table and sat down, "Uncle Fan, I've heard from Xiao Wu."

                "When they were in the village, you took care of them quite a bit."

                "Xiao Wu is my brother, if you help him, you are helping me."

                "How can your business be considered trouble?"