Medical Genius Chapter 614

 Lin Mo nodded, "The water quality certainly won't be a problem."

                "This parasite, it doesn't live inside the water, it lives under the water."

                "The eggs of the parasite, all of them are under the water."

                "When fish eat such eggs, they carry this parasite eggs in their bodies."

                "It's useless to check the water quality alone."

                Professor Cui was surprised, "Surprised?"

                "Geez, this ...... this is really unexpected!"

                "No, I'll have to have someone take some samples and go back and study it."

                Professor Cui took a few students and started to move.

                Lin Mo didn't stop them either, these parasites weren't anything particularly dangerous.

                However, he still left a contact for Professor Cui.

                Once one of them was accidentally infected with this parasite, they could still come to Lin Mo for medical treatment.

                Zhou Qiang came over to Lin Mo: "Mr. Lin, I have a question, I don't know if I should say it!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "You want to ask why your conditions are different, don't you?"

                Zhou Qiang looked embarrassed and laughed in a low voice, "It's ...... like this."

                "Really, we all have different conditions, but we all have this parasite, which ......"

                Lin Mo said, "After the parasitic worm eggs enter the body, they hatch at different times and are located in different places."

                "And the different locations where the parasites are located will lead to the differences in your conditions."

                Zhou Qiang was surprised: "Then ...... that's a headache for me, but that parasite just now, I spat it out."

                Lin Mo nodded: "That's right."

                "This parasite of yours happens to be in the five organs, near the walls of the blood vessels."

                "Every day, morning, noon and night, when you eat, this parasite will also receive nutrients."

                "At this time, the parasite moves around and presses on the blood vessels, causing a lack of blood supply to the head, which results in a headache."

                "Normally, the presence of the parasite will trigger the flow rate of blood in your body, thus causing you to appear to have a lot of Qi and blood."

                Zhou Qiang was suddenly enlightened, while admiring Lin Mo even more to the point of admiration.

                "Mr. Lin, you really are the saviour of our village!"

                "In this way, I will now give you a guarantee."

                "There is absolutely nothing wrong with the development of this project!"

                Zhou Qiang said in a respectful voice.

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded, "Thank you then!"

                "The prescription, I will give it to Divine Doctor Xue later."

                "Elder Xue, I'm afraid I'll have to trouble you to stay in this village for a few more days."

                Divine Doctor Xue was overjoyed.

                In fact, without Lin Mo having to say anything, he had planned to stay in this village for a few more days.

                In his life, he was obsessed with medicine.

                This was the first time he had seen this new and strange parasite, and he wanted to study it here as well.

                Now that Lin Mo had given him this remedy, it was tantamount to teaching him the method of treatment.

                In a way, this was tantamount to him learning a method of healing from Lin Mo ah.

                "Mr. Lin, you can rest assured."

                "Just leave all the matters here to me!"

                Divine Doctor Xue said in a respectful voice.

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded, then frowned again as he looked at this lake, "This parasite, by all rights, is long gone."

                "I didn't expect that there were still these parasitic worm eggs hidden in this pool of water."

                "Fortunately, it was discovered early, otherwise, once these parasites multiply, the situation will not be easy to control!"

                Divine Doctor Xue hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, what do you mean, these parasitic worms, could there be something wrong with them?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "It's hard to say, I just feel a little strange."

                "This kind of parasitic worm is extremely harmful and was completely eradicated by people a long time ago."

                "It may only exist in some deep forests, off the beaten track."

                "It's a bit unreasonable that a waterhole so close to the city has this kind of parasite in it."