Medical Genius Chapter 613

 The crowd looked at the live fish in bewilderment, what else could their illness have to do with this fish?

                Divine Doctor Xue came over, looked at the fish and said curiously, "Mr. Lin, this fish, what's wrong with it?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Director Zhou, do the people in your village, later on, like to come to this lake to catch fish?"

                Zhou Qiang's face was a little embarrassed.

                Originally, there was only a small pool of water on this hill, and there were fish in it, but the number was so small that no one cared.

                Later, when the villa area was developed, the waterhole turned into a big lake, and Fang Shao even invested a lot of fish fry in it, and a lot of big fish grew.

                Coupled with the fact that no one was in charge of this area, people from the village often came up to catch fish and cook them at home.

                "Mr. Lin, we ...... we do come up to catch fish for food."

                "But these fish, they're all fine."

                "This kind of fish, we used to eat it all the time!"

                Zhou Qiang said back.

                Lin Mo: "This kind of fish, you guys have no problem eating it elsewhere."

                "But, eating fish from this lake, that would be a problem."

                Zhou Qiang was surprised: "Why?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly as he suddenly reached out and pressed his hand on Zhou Qiang's abdomen.

                Zhou Qiang only felt a tumbling in his abdomen, followed closely by an open mouth that violently vomited out a puddle of something.

                "Look what this is!"

                Lin Mo shouted lowly.

                Zhou Qiang glanced at his vomit, only to see that there was a small thing inside that looked like a mud loach that was rolling around, extremely oozy.

                Zhou Qiang was so scared that his face turned white: "How did this ...... this happen?"

                "Inside my stomach, how can there be a living thing?"

                Divine Doctor Xue's eyes widened as he exclaimed, "Mr. Lin, this ...... could be that someone has put a compulsion on this?"

                "This is a compulsion, right?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "It's considered a kind of compulsion, however, it's not a wild compulsion that has been placed by someone."

                "Actually, a wild compulsion worm can be described as a parasitic worm that is extremely hardy."

                "The fish inside this lake all carry the eggs of this parasite."

                "The eggs of this parasitic worm, which cannot be killed by high temperatures, will slowly hatch and parasitise the human body once they enter it."

                "Moreover, this parasite, again, is extremely similar to the human body and cannot be detected at all by normal tests."

                "Many people don't even understand how they died until they die!"

                All around the villagers' faces changed and they exclaimed, "Mr. Lin, we also ate this kind of fish, could we ...... have this kind of parasite in our bodies?"

                "I don't have a headache, I have this parasite too?"

                "I don't feel anything, am I not eating this parasite?"

                "Mr. Lin, then can we still be saved?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Don't be anxious, it's not a big disease, it's very curable."

                Only then did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief.

                Zhou Qiang's face was pale, almost begging, "Mr. Lin, you ...... must save us ......"

                Lin Mo smiled, "I will prescribe a pair of pills for you all to take for three days, and you will have diarrhea."

                "After a few times of diarrhea, you guys will be fine."

                "However, during this time, the fish in this lake, you can no longer eat!"

                Zhou Qiang immediately said, "Thanks a lot, Mr. Lin."

                "Don't worry Mr. Lin, not to mention the fish in this lake, I won't eat any fish from now on, no matter what!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "It's not that you can't eat it, it's just that the fish in this lake, you can't eat it for a short period of time."

                "I have to eliminate the parasite in this lake, in the future, without this parasite, there won't be any problem with these fish!"

                It dawned on the crowd and they all breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

                They didn't care whether the fish in this lake could be eaten or not, the most crucial thing was, whether they could live or not.

                At this moment, Professor Cui was surprised, "Mr. Lin, in this lake, why did this parasite suddenly appear?"

                "We've studied the water quality, there's no problem!"