Medical Genius Chapter 612

 If these words came out of someone else's mouth, Zhou Qiang and the others would definitely not believe them.

                However, if it came from the mouth of the divine doctor Xue, then the crowd would have to believe it.

                Zhou Qiang's eyes widened and he said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, I ...... am really blind!"

                "I have offended you much just now, I kowtow to you."

                "Please also ask Mr. Lin to save the people in our village, regardless of the past!"

                Zhou Qiang said, and literally fell to his knees and kowtowed straight down.

                Lin Mo hurriedly helped him up and smiled, "Director Zhou, why be so polite."

                "A doctor is a parent, since I am here, I will definitely not sit back and do nothing."

                Lin Mo was more or less dissatisfied with this Zhou Qiang before, however, seeing Zhou Qiang kneel and kowtow, Lin Mo became a bit more impressed with him.

                Other than that, this Zhou Qiang was at least very responsible.

                For the sake of the villagers' lives, he was even willing to kneel down and apologise, which was something that no ordinary person could do.

                Zhou Qiang was overjoyed and hurriedly said, "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin!"

                "By the way, Mr. Lin, you just said that my situation, I ...... I ...... am I really in danger now?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and looked at Divine Doctor Xue, "Old Xue, what do you think?"

                Divine Doctor Xue carefully observed Zhou Qiang for a moment and frowned: "The blood energy is too strong, the blood rushes to the back of the head, there should be a headache."

                The crowd around them were all shocked.

                Previously, Lin Mo had also said something about Zhou Qiang's headache, and to their surprise, Divine Doctor Xue and Lin Mo had the same diagnosis.

                However, Lin Mo's diagnosis was a little more precise than Divine Doctor Xue's, ah.

                Zhou Qiang said in a trembling voice, "To be honest, I really have been experiencing headaches recently."

                "And, it's not different at all from what Mr. Lin said."

                "Three headaches a day, morning, noon and night."

                "Mr. Lin, Divine Doctor Xue, I ...... What exactly is this happening to me?"

                "Mr. Lin, you said before that I wouldn't live more than three days if this condition wasn't relieved, this ...... this ......"

                At the end of his sentence, Zhou Qiang's lips trembled as he could not speak.

                After all, who wouldn't be afraid when death is at hand?

                All those other villagers also gathered around.

                This time, it was finally proven that Lin Mo had real skills, and all these people were now panicking and seeking Lin Mo for medical treatment.

                Lin Mo said aloud, "Gentlemen, you don't need to worry."

                "As I said earlier, although your conditions are different, the cause of the illness is the same."

                "Since I am here, I will definitely heal you all."

                Only then did the crowd breathe a sigh of relief, and Zhou Qiang said excitedly, "Mr Lin, you really are a great man."

                "If you can cure our illness, this villa area project, we ...... we immediately agree to you continuing the development!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Then thank you in advance."

                "But, speaking of which, your illness, and this waterhole, really have something to do with it."

                The faces of all the people changed, and Zhou Qiang said in a trembling voice, "Is this ...... really a case of feng shui being destroyed?"

                "Mr. Lin, how about putting ...... this lake back to its original state?"

                Lin Mo laughed: "What feng shui, it's all nonsense."

                "Being sick, that's the physical reason."

                "Accidents, that's what has to do with feng shui."

                "The illness in your village has half to do with the water in this lake."

                "The other half of the reason is in your diet."

                The crowd looked at each other, and Zhou Qiang wondered, "Mr. Lin, what's wrong with this water?"

                "Professor Cui and the others have taken samples and studied it many times, there's nothing wrong with it?"

                Next to him, Professor Cui also nodded, "Yes, Mr. Lin, there should be no problem with this water quality."

                "Diet wise, they've lived here for generations and eaten pretty much the same thing."

                "I didn't see any illnesses before, how come they suddenly started getting sick now?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and walked to the edge of the lake, suddenly reaching into the water and grabbing a live fish weighing half a catty.

                "This, is the root of the problem!"