Medical Genius Chapter 611

 Lin Mo nodded calmly and pointed at Master Fang not far away, "Divine Doctor Xue, this man says he is half your disciple, do you know him?"

                Divine Doctor Xue glanced at Grandmaster Fang and shook his head, "Never met him."

                At this moment, the whole room was abuzz.

                Everyone looked straight at Grandmaster Fang and the others, everything was clear, this Grandmaster Fang was a fraud.

                Zhao Xin and the others' faces changed, and Zhao Xin said urgently, "Yi Yi, what's going on?"

                Yiyi Zhao was also confused, and she said urgently, "Master Fang, did Divine Doctor Xue make a mistake?"

                "How come he doesn't know you?"

                Master Fang lowered his head and didn't say anything, he was a complete fraud, of course Divine Doctor Xue didn't know him.

                Seeing Grandmaster Fang's expression, Zhao Yi Yi understood everything at once.

                Her face changed straight away, thinking about how she had thought she had hooked up with a big shot all this time, but to her surprise, she had met such a charlatan.

                The most crucial thing was that this Master Fang was forty or fifty years old, and Zhao Yi Yi was running after his identity.

                This time, she was cheated and got nothing.

                Thinking about this, Zhao Yi Yi was going crazy.

                She desperately grabbed Master Fang's collar and hissed, "Didn't you say you were a master?"

                "Didn't you say that Divine Doctor Xue was half your master?"

                "You liar, you ...... how dare you lie to me like this!"

                "I ...... am going to sue you for rape!"

                Master Fang was also anxious and pushed Zhao Yi Yi away, "Don't you talk nonsense!"

                "All this time, it was clearly you who fell back on me."

                "You can only blame women like you, who love vanity and have no brains."

                "You believe everything others say, you deserve it!"

                Zhao Yi Yi was furious, pouncing on Master Fang and tearing him down.

                Lin Mo looked speechless and waved his hand, "Throw them out, stay here and be a disgrace!"

                Tiger immediately rushed over with a few of his men and dragged all these people out.

                Zhou Qiang said with emotion, "I really didn't expect this to be a charlatan."

                "When they came over, they said they were Master Huang's disciples, or half disciples of Divine Doctor Xue, and we were all fooled."

                "Ai, Mr Lin, if it wasn't for you this time, I'm afraid we would have been cheated!"

                "I've been offended just now, Mr. Lin, you are generous, don't take it to heart!"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, not caring.

                Zhou Qiang looked at Divine Doctor Xue respectfully, "I really didn't expect that Mr. Lin would be acquainted with Divine Doctor Xue."

                "This is great, the people of our village are finally saved."

                "Divine Doctor Xue, can you take a moment to treat the people in our village?"

                Divine Doctor Xue glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "Zhou Qiang ah Zhou Qiang, you really have no eyes!"

                Zhou Qiang couldn't help but stare, "Divine Doctor Xue, junior doesn't quite understand."

                "What did junior ...... junior do wrong?"

                Divine Doctor Xue said in a cold voice, "The number one divine doctor in the six southern provinces is right in front of you, yet you don't seek his healing, instead you come to me."

                "You say you have no eyes!"

                Zhou Qiang was confused, "The number one divine doctor in the six southern provinces?"

                "Who ...... who?"

                Divine Doctor Xue looked at Lin Mo and respectfully said, "Let me introduce you!"

                "This Mr. Lin Mo is the number one divine doctor that is commonly respected by the medical community in the six southern provinces!"

                Zhou Qiang's eyes widened as he looked at Lin Mo incredulously, "Divine Doctor Xue, have ...... you made a mistake?"

                "He ...... is so young ......"

                The divine Doctor Xue directly interrupted him, "What's wrong with being young?"

                "Who told you that being young doesn't mean you can't be skilled in medicine?"

                "Mr. Lin's medical skills are not even one tenth of what I can do!"

                "Even if I were to be the Third Needle of Hai Cheng, I would have to bow before Mr. Lin as a junior!"

                "You people, you have no eyes, you deserve to die!"