Medical Genius Chapter 610

 Lin Mo glanced at these two disdainfully and said in a cold voice, "Jumping clowns, following a charlatan, and you dare to be so arrogant?"

                "Hmph, what dragon spitting pearl, what snake swallowing whale?"

                "Such deceptive terminology, you really can say it too!"

                Master Fang was furious: "Ignorant little child, what do you know?"

                "Who are you to call me a liar?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Want qualifications right?"

                "Fine, I'll tell you now what qualifications I have!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo directly said to Tiger, "Go and fetch Divine Doctor Xue, tell him I have something to see him!"

                Tiger immediately nodded, turned and drove away.

                The people around were all confused, Zhou Qiang looked at Lin Mo in shock: "Mr. Lin, you ...... know Divine Doctor Xue?"

                This Zhou Qiang even changed his name, there was no way, the fame of the divine doctor Xue was too big.

                If you look at the entire Guangdong Province, there are not many people who do not know God Doctor Xue!

                On the other side, Master Fang was a bit flustered.

                All those names of his were false, he was indeed a charlatan.

                As for Grandmaster Huang and Divine Doctor Xue, they were all made up by him to raise his price.

                I didn't expect that he would meet someone who really knew Dr. Xue, so this was a problem.

                Zhao Xin was not aware of this, and when he heard this, he sneered, "Lin Mo, what are you pretending to be?"

                "With that look on your face, you still know Divine Doctor Xue?"

                "Again, you're trying to find a random person to pretend to be the divine Doctor Xue and come here to cheat, right?"

                "Let me tell you, Master Fang is the half disciple of Divine Doctor Xue."

                "Such tricks of yours are of no use in front of Grandmaster Fang!"

                Zhou Qiang frowned as he glanced at Lin Mo and said in a cold voice, "I am fortunate enough to have once met Divine Doctor Xue once."

                "Divine Doctor Xue exists like a god in Zhou's heart."

                "If someone impersonates Divine Doctor Xue here, humph, don't blame Zhou for being ungracious!"

                This was said for Lin Mo's ears, he always felt that Lin Mo was somewhat of a snub.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly without saying a word, his chest was ready.

                On the other hand, Master Fang on the other side was on pins and needles, he was a fake, and he was really worried that Lin Mo could invite the divine doctor Xue here.

                At the same time, he couldn't run away now, he could only take a chance.

                If Lin Mo was a fraud, then wouldn't he be fine.

                After less than half an hour, Tiger drove back again.

                Everyone looked straight over as Tiger opened the car door and an old man stepped out inside.

                When he saw the old man, Zhou Qiang first froze, then his face changed rapidly and he hurried to meet him.

                A dozen metres away from the old man, Zhou Qiang immediately arched his hand and bent down: "Divine Doctor Xue, how are you, old man?"

                As soon as these words were spoken, the whole room was abuzz.

                There was no doubt that this man was the Divine Doctor Xue!

                Master Fang's face changed and he almost sat down on the ground.

                If the real Divine Doctor Xue had come, then he was doomed!

                A group of villagers gathered around, Divine Doctor Xue, that was a legendary god-like figure.

                Many people had heard of his legend but had never seen him.

                Today, he was here, and the crowd felt like they had seen a star.

                Zhou Qiang excitedly stopped the crowd and told them not to get too close to Divine Doctor Xue.

                As for himself, he followed the Divine Doctor Xue's side respectfully.

                The divine Doctor Xue, too, ignored Zhou Qiang.

                In full view of everyone, the divine Doctor Xue walked up to Lin Mo and arched his hand, "Mr. Lin, you are looking for me?"

                "If there's anything, you can just order!"

                At these words, the crowd was once again in an uproar.

                How could a god-like being like Divine Doctor Xue speak to Lin Mo in such a manner? This was not polite, this was simply respectful!

                They did not know that after the last Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting, Divine Doctor Xue had regarded Lin Mo as a heavenly god.

                When he met Lin Mo, he always treated him as a junior.

                According to the divine Doctor Xue, a master is a teacher.

                Lin Mo's medical skills were much higher than his, so he should be so respectful!