Medical Genius Chapter 609

 A few words caused Zhou Qiang to directly freeze.

                Xie Fang sneered, "Lin Mo, what kind of big garlic are you pretending to be?"

                "We're all vocational school students, you haven't even graduated from vocational school, and you still dare to call yourself a doctor?"

                "You talk as if you are so capable, but you are still a piece of trash!"

                "What's the point of being a loser, just eat your soft rice, what's the point of coming out to cheat?"

                "You ......"

                Zhou Qiang suddenly said angrily, "You shut up!"

                Xie Fang froze for a moment, not knowing what was wrong with Zhou Qiang.

                Zhou Qiang looked at Lin Mo nervously, "That, Mr. Lin ...... Lin, how do you ...... you know about me?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Not only do I know about you, I know about all of you here!"

                Zhou Qiang froze: "Huh?"

                "What does all ...... everyone mean?"

                Lin Mo: "Everyone in your village!"

                Zhou Qiang's eyes widened, "Mr. Lin, are you ...... you kidding me?"

                "What do you ...... you know about us?"

                Lin Mo casually reached out and pointed at one of the villagers, "You, every morning between seven and eight o'clock, you will have a bloated stomach condition."

                "After nine o'clock at night, no matter how much you eat for dinner, you'll be so hungry that you can't sleep, and you'll have to add another meal."

                This villager's eyes widened: "You ...... how do you know that?"

                Lin Mo didn't answer, but pointed at another villager, "You, the amount of food has doubled than before, but your body is gradually getting thinner."

                "You can't see it on the surface, but your weight is dropping."

                This villager was confused, "Who told you that?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "I don't need to ask anyone, I can tell with a single glance!"

                "All of you, all of you, are sick."

                "Although everyone's condition is different, the cause of the disease is the same."

                "If left untreated, in less than a year, all of you in these villages will be dead!"

                The crowd's eyes widened as they all looked at Lin Mo incredulously.

                At this moment, Grandmaster Fang suddenly spoke, "Young man, don't be alarmist here."

                "I know you have money in your hands, you must have snooped around about everyone before you came, right?"

                "Getting everyone's information and then waving it around here."

                "Trying to fool these simple villagers by telling them about their conditions according to the information?"

                "I'm telling you, everyone is not stupid."

                "You're useless!"

                Those villagers' faces suddenly changed, could it be that Lin Mo had really heard something in advance and had deliberately come to fool them?

                Lin Mo glanced at Grandmaster Fang and sneered, "Zhou Qiang, you just asked me why I said you guys should die?"

                "I'll tell you now!"

                "If you guys believe this charlatan, then you really deserve to die!"

                At these words, the scene was in an uproar.

                Master Fang was furious, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing, "What did you say?"

                "I am under the tutelage of Grandmaster Huang, and I am also considered half a disciple of Divine Doctor Xue."

                "Do you know how many distinguished officials and dignitaries have invited me to be their guest, not only in Guangyang City, but also in Guangyang Province."

                "What are you, how dare you talk to me like that!"

                Zhao Xin also immediately said, "Lin Mo, how dare you!"

                "Do you really think that just because your daughter-in-law's family has some money, you can do whatever you want?"

                "I'm telling you, in front of Master Fang, your little assets are like nothing!"

                "How dare you speak to Grandmaster Fang like that? You're just asking for death!"

                "Kneel down now, kowtow and apologise to Grandmaster Fang, and he may spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, even your daughter-in-law's family will have to pay for this matter!"

                Xie Fang even laughed coldly, "Lin Mo, now let's see what you do."

                "Your daughter-in-law has let you eat soft food for so many years, it's time for you to repay her."

                "It's worth it to kneel down and kowtow a few heads to save their family, right? Hahahaha ......"