Medical Genius Chapter 605

 Deng Jun laughed, "Lin Zi, I don't know anything about these things."

                "Let's do whatever you say, I definitely support it."

                Lao Hu also nodded repeatedly, "I definitely support Mr. Lin, there's no problem with that."

                "Old Zhou, what do you mean?"

                Zhou Yuanshan smiled, "Mr. Lin, I'm here this time mainly to convey my family's old master's meaning."

                "My family's master has a very clear attitude, no matter what Mr. Lin does, he will absolutely support it!"

                Tiger smiled, "That's good."

                "If everyone agrees, then there's nothing more to say, let's do this project."

                Lin Mo nodded in satisfaction as he looked towards Tiger, "Tiger, before I asked you to investigate the reason why this project was called off, have you found out?"

                Tiger nodded, "I found out."

                "It seems to be related to the two nearby villages."

                "It is said that the villa area occupies a waterhole on the hill. In order to make an artificial lake, when the construction was first carried out, this waterhole was dug up and enlarged by more than ten times."

                "Later, in the village down the hill, one after another, people got strange diseases, for which three people died and dozens more fell ill with no cure."

                "Some people in the village said it was the digging of this waterhole that affected the feng shui, which invited the disaster."

                "And official research shows that it was the construction of the villa area that caused the water downstream to be polluted, and that's why this strange illness appeared."

                "Because of this, the project in the villa area was called off."

                Deng Jun frowned, "What era is this, what feng shui talk is there?"

                "These people, it's obvious that they are just fooling around!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, after he had received the inheritance of the jade pendant, he still had some understanding of these things.

                For example, this was the case with what happened to Huang Yongfeng before.

                Lin Mo: "Let's do it this way, we happen to be all here at the moment, so we'll go over and see the specifics."

                Tiger drove and the group quickly rushed to the villa area.

                The villa area was located in the southern suburbs of Guangyang City, a place that was surrounded by mountains and water.

                This area was still undeveloped, but it would be the centre of gravity for the development of Guangyang City in the future.

                The Fang family got the news early, so they bought this piece of land long ago and developed it into a high-class villa area.

                Not only that, there is a large piece of land in front of it that will be developed into a subdivision in the future.

                Some people estimate that once this villa area is completed and the nearby facilities are in place, it will definitely far surpass those luxury houses in Guangyang City, and will even be second only to Wangjiang Park.

                It was for this reason that the investment in this villa area was enormous at the time.

                Unfortunately, with the imprisonment of Fang Shao, the Fang family nearly collapsed, and all these things became a moot point.

                Lin Mo was really taking advantage of the fact that he was able to get a billion dollars for this.

                The crowd walked through the villa area, especially coming to the artificial lake in the middle.

                According to Tiger's introduction, this artificial lake, which was actually a pool of water at the beginning, was about ten meters wide.

                However, now that it had been dug into a lake, it was several hundred metres wide.

                This artificial lake has raised the class of these villas a lot as well.

                A few people had just arrived at the lake when they saw many people standing and pointing at the lake from afar.

                These people, all dressed in suits, looked like they were of no simple status.

                Tiger just drove the car over and saw a few familiar faces from afar: Zhao Xin, Xie Fang, and Zhao Yi Yi.

                After the last reunion, the business between Zhao Xin's company and the herbal medicine company was completely yellowed.

                It was said that Zhao Xin had been fired from his job, and he didn't know where he had gone.

                Unexpectedly, I met them here.

                Zhao Yi Yi was standing with a man in his forties, snuggling up to the man as if she was very intimate with him.

                Zhao Xin was walking in front and was introducing something to the crowd.

                Lin Mo and the others approached just in time to hear Zhao Xin's voice: "I'll tell you what, you people are kind of lucky."

                "Master Fang doesn't strike easily, it's your greatest honour to meet Master Fang today!"