Medical Genius Chapter 603

 Huang Liang also told Xu Dongxue not to say anything about this matter, and not to let Xu Hanxia know.

                The biggest obstacle to this matter was Xu Hanxia, as long as Xu Hanxia did not know about it, then everything would be very smooth.

                At the same time, Huang Liang was also keeping an eye on Lin Mo to prevent him from quietly telling Xu Hanxia about this matter.

                The whole time, he was like guarding against a thief.

                In fact, Lin Mo didn't tell Xu Hanxia about it at all, as if he had resigned himself to his fate.

                In the afternoon, Xu Hanxia went back to work.

                Huang Liang Xu Jian Gong immediately came to find Lin Mo, to take him to go through the procedures of transferring shares.

                Several people rushed to the law firm and were in the middle of these formalities when Huang Liang suddenly received a phone call from one of his friends.

                "Brother Liang, are you still at the construction company?"

                Huang Liang: "I'm going back soon, what's wrong?"

                The friend immediately said, "Brother Liang, you mustn't go back."

                Huang Liang was surprised: "What's wrong?"

                The friend said excitedly, "I just received news that something has happened to the construction company."

                Huang Liang smiled, "Are you talking about the 300 million investment?"

                "It's been resolved, it's fine."

                "You're too behind in your news."

                My friend said sharply, "I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about something else."

                "I know about the 300 million you invested, but the money has since returned to the construction company!"

                "But, when you repaid Xu's herbal company the 300 million, you used this money back."

                Huang Liang: "Yes, what's wrong with that?"

                "The money was always the construction company's."

                My friend said urgently, "That's the problem!"

                "Inside the construction company, there are shares of the Zhou family in it."

                "This money back, in fact, is also the money from the Zhou family's previous projects, and a part of it belongs to the Zhou family."

                "You are using this money to pay back the loan from the herb company, that is taking money from the Zhou family to pay off the debt."

                "The Zhou family has already gotten word that they're going to cause trouble at the construction company!"

                Huang Liang was confused: "Which ...... which Zhou family?"

                Friend: "Nonsense, which other Zhou family? It's the Zhou family of the top ten families!"

                "Other Zhou family, I don't have to panic so much!"

                "The Zhou family of the top ten families, that's not easy to deal with."

                "So, I'm calling you to run as fast as you can, and it's best to leave from the construction company."

                "This matter, don't ever involve you."

                "You know what the Zhou family is capable of. If this matter goes too far, the Zhou family can definitely make you go to jail for more than ten years, maybe even lose your life!"

                Huang Liang was dumbfounded.

                He had been so happy just now, thinking that he had everything under control.

                Who would have thought that things would turn out to be so troublesome, and that the Zhou family would be involved in it?

                This was a serious matter now!

                He hurriedly ran over and stopped Xu Jiangong who was about to sign.

                "Dad, we don't want this share."

                Huang Liang said in a hurry.

                Xu Jiangong was surprised: "Why?"

                "It's about to be signed, what are you making a fuss about?"

                Huang Liang couldn't say it in front of Lin Mo, so he grabbed the pen from Xu Jiangong's hand and said in a deep voice: "I think, brother-in-law has done a good job, it's right to give him a chance."

                "Dad, you're also old, so don't toss and turn, let's go!"

                Huang Liang said, stiffly pulling Xu Jiangong away.

                Xu Jiangong was so angry that when he walked out of the doorway, he slapped Huang Liang directly on the head: "Are you crazy?"

                "It's all time to sign and you've pulled me out, what do you mean?"

                "Are you trying to help Lin Mo to embezzle my family's assets?"

                "What exactly did Lin Mo give you?"

                Huang Liang's face swelled red, and when he saw that Lin Mo hadn't followed him over, he hurriedly whispered, "Dad, I'm doing this for your own good."

                Huang Liang told him about the Zhou family.

                After hearing this, Xu Jiangong was also directly dumbfounded.

                "Go, go now!"

                Xu Jiangong immediately slipped away, never to hit this construction company again.