Medical Genius Chapter 601

 Chapter 601

Lin Mo was quite speechless: "Dad, I didn't hit on the company."

                "What I'm talking to them about is other aspects of business."

                Xu Jiangong looked Lin Mo up and down and said in a deep voice, "I don't care what you're talking to them about."

                "Anyway, in the future, you should interfere less in the affairs of Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                Lin Mo nodded helplessly, "Okay, I understand."

                Only then did Xu Jiangong nod in satisfaction, "By the way, the matter of the construction company, you solved it beautifully, I'm very satisfied."

                "Since things are settled, then you should return the shares to me."

                "The few projects over at the construction company, I want to follow up personally, lest there be any accidents in."

                Lin Mo froze, he didn't expect that Xu Jiankong would be so shameless.

                When he was asked to take the blame yesterday, he had written a pledge that he would not get involved in the construction company's affairs in the future.

                Now that the matter was resolved, he immediately came to him to ask for the construction company.

                Lin Mo frowned and said, "Dad, didn't we say before that this construction company would be mine from now on?"

                "We wrote a guarantee ......"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Do you know the construction industry?"

                "Do you know how to manage a company?"

                "Do you know how to run a company?"

                "This time, it's a fluke solution, but that doesn't mean you're much good at it."

                "Next time something goes wrong, can you afford to pay for it?"

                Huang Liang nodded, "Brother-in-law, Dad is doing this for your own good."

                "Those few projects of the construction company, I did look at them, they are not very good."

                "These projects, only Dad can control them too."

                "You're still too young, you should have more experience."

                "Being in charge of a big business, your current strength, is simply not enough."

                "That's it, you transfer your shares to dad, and we'll both learn this management knowledge from him later."

                Xu Jiangong nodded in satisfaction, "Lin Mo, look how understanding your brother-in-law is."

                "You're both my son-in-law, how come there's such a big difference in being human?"

                "If you could be one ten thousandth as understanding as Huang Liang, our family wouldn't be in this state now."

                Lin Mo frowned tightly, these two were singing in unison, and to put it bluntly, they wanted the construction company.

                If it was before, he wouldn't have cared.

                However, now this construction company had investments from Old Zhang and the others.

                If the construction company was handed over to Xu Jiangong now, wouldn't Old Zhang and his men's investment go down the drain?

                However, Lin Mo did not dare to reject it outright.

                Xu Jiangong was an extremely unreasonable type, so if Lin Mo refused, he would definitely make a scene here and it would be even worse.

                After thinking for a moment, Lin Mo nodded: "Okay, since Dad has said so, then I will definitely agree."

                "Let's do it this way, it's too late for the morning."

                "In the afternoon, let's go and get the formalities done, how about that?"

                Xu Jiangong was overjoyed.

                He had originally thought that Lin Mo would refuse, but to his surprise, Lin Mo had agreed so simply.

                This was great, the matter of the construction company was settled, and the construction company was back in his own hands. Moreover, the construction company still had two to three hundred million dollars on its books, this was like a pie falling from the sky.

                "Lin Mo, I really haven't misjudged you."

                "You kid, you really know how to do things!"

                "OK, the matter is settled."

                "Come on, let's go home, I'll have your mother cook and make you a nice meal at noon."

                Xu Jiangong said smilingly, a rare occasion when he was pleasant to Lin Mo.

                Huang Liang followed beside him and said slowly, "Brother-in-law, you're not trying to stall for time to tell Sister Hanxia about this, are you?"

                Hearing these words, Xu Jiangong's face changed instantly.

                If Xu Hanxia knew about it, then how could he still want this construction company?

                Xu Jiangong stared at Lin Mo with a wary face.

                Lin Mo said softly, "Don't worry, I won't tell Hanxia about this matter."