Medical Genius Chapter 600

 Meeting Room.

                Lin Mo talked over the project of the villa area.

                "I've already had someone summarise it, several other people who worked with Fang Shao are now in debt and burnt out because this project was called off."

                "If no one can restart this project, then all the money they put in will have gone down the drain."

                "So, at this time, we can totally buy this project over at a low price."

                "As long as we get this project started, then we can make a huge profit."

                Lin Mo said.

                The crowd around them looked at each other.

                They had previously thought that Lin Mo was talking about a small project, but to their surprise, it was such a big project.

                Old Zhang: "Mr. Lin, this project, it requires quite a lot of money, right?"

                "With the funds we have in hand, I guess it's not enough."

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Don't worry, this project won't need much capital to follow."

                "I've made a rough estimate, it probably needs around one billion."

                "The construction company has another two hundred and fifty million dollars on its side, and I've pulled in some investment myself, so there's no problem with this aspect of money."

                "You can all invest as much as you want, depending on your situation."

                The crowd immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

                They weren't worried about whether this investment would lose money, what they were worried about was whether they had that much money to invest!

                Old Zhang immediately said, "Mr. Lin, I have twenty million dollars of spare money on hand."

                "There are also some stocks and stuff, sell them all and you can probably raise another ten million."

                "How about this, I'll put in thirty million, how about that?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and smiled, "Old Zhang, aren't you afraid that this investment will fail?"

                "This villa area project has been called off."

                Old Zhang laughed, "Mr. Lin, you've invested so much into it, what's this thirty million of mine?"

                "No matter what happens to this project, as long as you invest in it, Mr. Lin, I will follow suit, I absolutely trust Mr. Lin!"

                Lin Mo smiled and nodded, these shareholders who could stay were indeed very trusting of him too.

                Then, Old Xie also invested 30 million.

                Several other shareholders, too, chipped in some. Together, this side had invested almost two hundred million.

                This was out of Lin Mo's expectation, he originally thought that it was not bad for these people to invest one hundred million.

                After all, the villa project had been called off, and it would be difficult to reopen the project.

                If the money was spent and the project could not be reopened, then the money would be wasted and would not be returned.

                Under such circumstances, there are not many people who dare to invest.

                Who would have thought that these people would have such confidence in him that they would take out all their spare money and invest it.

                Lin Mo nodded his head, "Thank you all for your support."

                "Since you all believe in me so much, then I will definitely not let you down!"

                The crowd smiled and nodded their heads, "Mr. Lin, following you in your investments gives us peace of mind."

                After the crowd chatted for a while, these shareholders, then got up and said goodbye first.

                Lin Mo walked out of the conference room, just in time to see Xu Jiangong and Huang Liang walking over with grim faces.

                These two, who had come here specifically today, wanted to see a good show.

                Unexpectedly, the matter had been settled so lightly.

                Lin Mo had not lost anything at all, and on the contrary, he had acquired the shares in Xu Jianping's hand for Xu Hanxia.

                Xu Jiangong walked straight up to Lin Mo and said in a deep voice: "Lin Mo, what did you talk to them about just now?"

                Lin Mo: "Some business matters."

                Xu Jiangong frowned, "What business matters could you have with them?"

                "Lin Mo, I'm warning you."

                "Don't give me any twisted ideas here, don't think that just because these shareholders are on good terms with you, you can swallow up my Xu family's properties!"

                "You remember, this company belongs to our Xu family, no one will try to take it away!"