Medical Genius Chapter 597

 Several other shareholders also spoke up, shouting that they would not be liable for this breach of contract.

                Everyone's eyes were focused on Xu Yongqing.

                Xu Yongqing's face was red, he originally thought that he had caught Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo in the act, but he did not expect that this matter would be so troublesome.

                Thirty million dollars in breach of contract!

                If Lin Mo really paid back the money, wouldn't he have to bear the $30 million breach of contract?

                Although the Xu family's assets were over a hundred million, they were only assets.

                Thirty million in cash, they couldn't get it out for a while.

                What's more, if they really took out such a large sum of money, the Xu family would not be able to afford it.

                Huang Liang skimmed his lips, "This Xu Yongqing, he's really lacking in heart."

                "The surname Lin is just scaring him, what does he have to fear?"

                "I just don't believe that this Lin can pay back 300 million."

                "What does he have to be afraid of?"

                After a moment of silence, Xu Yongqing finally made his decision.

                He gritted his teeth and said, "Fine, I'll bear this default alone!"

                "However, I also have a request."

                "The three hundred million, you must call it in within today!"

                "Otherwise, the breach of contract, I won't give you a single dime."

                Old Zhang was anxious: "How can you be like that?"

                "Even if you let someone pay back the money, you must at least give them time to raise the money, right?"

                "Transferring three hundred million dollars in one day is not imposing on people!"

                Xu Yongqing said in a cold voice, "Cut the crap!"

                "I'll give him one day!"

                "You all won't bear the breach of contract, I'll bear it alone, who are you to talk about me?"

                Old Zhang was furious and turned his head to look at Lin Mo, "Mr. Lin, I still have thirty million dollars in cash here."

                "Whenever you need it, I can transfer it to you at any time."

                Old Xie also yelled after him, "I have twenty million here, if you need it, I'll transfer it to you immediately."

                Several other shareholders also expressed their support for Lin Mo.

                Xu Yongqing's face was embarrassed to the extreme, he did not expect that these shareholders would be so kind to Lin Mo.

                Putting together money to help him pay off his debt, did they trust Lin Mo that much?

                Lin Mo smiled gently, "Thank you all so much."

                "It just so happens that I still have a shortfall of almost fifty million here."

                "How about this, you guys chip in fifty million for me and consider it an investment in my construction company's new project."

                "What do you all think?"

                The crowd looked at each other, and Old Zhang said curiously, "A fifty million shortfall?"

                "Mr Lin, have you already put together $250 million first?"

                Xu Yongqing, on the other hand, sneered, "The construction company lost three hundred million on its last project, and now it's on a new one?"

                "Old Zhang, Old Xie, don't let him fool you."

                "If you invest in it this time, then you're just taking the money and drowning it."

                "Only a fool would follow him and continue to invest!"

                Lin Mo ignored him and laughed lightly, "I didn't get the money together."

                "The construction company still has two hundred and fifty million dollars on its books."

                At this moment, even Huang Liang and Xu Jiangong in the room were dumbfounded.

                "On the construction company's books, there's so much money?"

                Xu Jiangong asked.

                Huang Liang was dumbfounded: "No, right?"

                "I've seen the construction company's accounts when I was over there before, ah."

                "There were only a few million on it, how could there be so much money!"

                "This Lin Mo, he's simply cheating people!"

                Outside, Old Zhang was also surprised and asked, "Mr. Lin, how can there be so much money on the construction company's books?"

                "Didn't you say that the previous three hundred million were all invested in a villa area?"

                "Does it mean that this is all fake news?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "The news is correct."

                "However, most of this money has gone back to the construction company."

                The crowd were all shocked, "How could this happen?"

                Lin Mo told the story, and after hearing it, everyone was overjoyed.

                While inside the house, Xu Jiangong and Huang Liang almost collapsed after hearing this.