Medical Genius Chapter 595

 Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Don't you come with me on this!"

                "What kind of question is that? Moral kidnapping, forcing me to make a choice?"

                "I'm telling you, of course parents are important, but to be a human being, you have to be reasonable and conscientious."

                "What you have done makes me feel disgraceful!"

                At these words, Xu Hanxia snatched the phone from Xu Dongxue's hand and said angrily, "You're really sick, aren't you?"

                "Fine, I'll call an ambulance now."

                "I'll have them send you to the hospital for a full examination."

                Xu Hanxia said as she dialed the number.

                Seeing this, Fang Hui immediately jumped off the bed, "Hanxia, what the hell do you want?"

                "I'm just a little bit uncomfortable, do you have to do this?"

                "I just want you to stay at home with me, what's wrong with that?"

                Xu Hanxia said coldly, "Usually when I'm at home, I don't see you asking me to stay with you."

                "Now that something like this has happened to the company, you're asking me to stay with you!"

                "Humph, you really think I'm a fool!"

                "Forget it if you don't want to go to the hospital, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you."

                Xu Hanxia said and ran straight out the door.

                Seeing this, Fang Hui and Xu Dongxue looked at each other, and the two of them rushed up and grabbed Xu Hanxia back with a stiff grip.

                "Today, no matter what, you won't be able to go to the company!"

                Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth and said.

                Xu Hanxia struggled desperately, but was held down by Xu Dongxue and Fang Hui.

                Fang Hui: "Hanxia, don't blame mum."

                "Mum is also doing it for your own good!"

                "That Lin Mo, is not a good match at all."

                "After today, your affair with him will be over, and in the future, you will definitely find someone a thousand times better than him!"

                Xu Hanxia was going crazy with anger, but she couldn't break free and could only be left at home.

                At this moment, Xu Pharmaceuticals, most of the Xu family had come and were shouting for Xu Hanxia to give them an explanation.

                Xu Jiangong Huang Liang was hiding in the shadows, watching all this, both of them with smiles on their faces.

                "Things have gotten so big that even the police have been alerted."

                "It seems that Lin Mo is dead this time!"

                Huang Liang said in a low voice.

                Xu Jiangong nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, after we settle this kid, our family will be on the right track."

                While Xu Yongqing and the others were yelling, a group of people came outside, none other than those shareholders of Xu's Pharmaceutical.

                Old Zhang, Old Xie and the others were among them.

                As soon as these people arrived on the scene, they immediately spoke up in support of Lin Mo, saying that they would not pursue the matter of this money.

                This situation made Xu Yongqing and the others look a bit overwhelmed.

                However, Xu Yongqing eventually strained his neck and said, "I don't care about you guys so much."

                "If you guys don't pursue it, it's your business."

                "But I want to pursue it!"

                "I still have three percent of the company in my hand, which means that there is also a part of me in that three hundred million."

                "Xu Hanxia, in collaboration with Lin Mo, lost my money, I must demand an explanation!"

                Old Zhang said angrily, "You only have three percent of the company's shares, so the three hundred million, you also only have three percent at most."

                "Three percent of three hundred million is nine million!"

                "I'll give you nine million, get the hell out of here!"

                Old Xie and the others all spoke up as well, yelling to take out nine million and tell Xu Yongqing and the others to get the hell out.

                Inside the room, Xu Jiangong and Huang Liang were all grimacing.

                They really did not expect these shareholders, to be so supportive of Lin Mo.

                Three hundred million dollars had been lost, and it was just as well that they didn't pursue the matter, but they had to take out nine million dollars to settle the matter.

                Xu Yongqing was also really a bit surprised, and after a moment of hesitation, he immediately said, "This is not a matter of nine million!"

                "Xu Hanxia illegally transferred three hundred million to Lin Mo, who then illegally invested it, resulting in the loss of the three hundred million."

                "This series of irregularities is against the law."

                "I don't want the nine million, I want to hold them legally responsible!"