Medical Genius Chapter 592

 Huang Liang hung up the phone in anger and frowned, "This Xie, is he sick in the head?"

                "I kindly reminded him, but he talked like this instead, he's simply a fool!"

                "People like him are going to suffer a big loss sooner or later!"

                Fang Hui and Xu Jiangong looked at each other.

                They didn't expect this shareholder to trust Lin Mo so much at all.

                They had already lost 300 million, but the other party was still shouting in support of Lin Mo like this, what was going on?

                What kind of mesmerising soup had Lin Mo put into these shareholders' heads?

                "Find someone else!"

                "I don't believe it, this Xie is a fool, are all the others fools too?"

                Xu Jiangong said indignantly.

                Huang Liang nodded his head and immediately contacted the second shareholder.

                This shareholder, however, had the same answer as the previous one, always trusting Lin Mo.

                Huang Liang was not satisfied and went on to contact a third, fourth and fifth, but the results were all the same.

                After what happened last time, there were not many shareholders left in the company.

                The remaining shareholders, who had followed Lin Mo, had invested in the medical exchange and made a huge profit.

                These shareholders were now extremely trusting and grateful to Lin Mo.

                Therefore, Huang Liang's complaint behind his back would not work at all.

                These shareholders didn't even take the loss of money to heart, instead they were all scolding Huang Liang.

                Huang Liang was almost vomiting blood with anger, even Xu Dongxue was indignant: "Are these people all fools?"

                "After losing so much money, they all still yell about believing in Lin Mo, sick in the head?"

                Fang Hui scratched his head and said in a low voice, "But it's okay."

                "These shareholders are supporting him and not pursuing this matter, then we don't have to worry about it!"

                Xu Dongxue said urgently, "Mom, it's not a matter of whether they pursue the matter or not, what's crucial now is to send Lin Mo to jail!"

                Fang Hui was confused: "Xue'er, you ...... Why are you doing this?"

                "This matter, it was originally made by us."

                "Lin Mo took up for us, we all did a bit too much."

                "Now people are not pursuing the matter, this is the best result, you ...... why do you still have to send him to prison ah?"

                Xu Jiangong also nodded slowly, he felt that Fang Hui had a point.

                Xu Dongxue said, "Mom, are you stupid?"

                "If this Lin Mo doesn't go to jail, then how will my sister remarry?"

                "This Lin Mo thinks about hogging our family's assets all day long, how can this kind of scum stay around?"

                "This is the best chance to get my sister to divorce him, as long as this bastard goes to jail, my sister's marriage to him will be over."

                "By then, my sister will definitely be able to marry into a wealthy family, definitely much better than following this bastard!"

                Fang Hui and Xu Jiankong looked at each other, both still hesitating a little.

                Huang Liang said softly, "Dad, Mom, those who achieve great things don't mind the small stuff!"

                "Being a human being, being too kind-hearted will only harm you."

                A fine aura flashed in Xu Jiangong's eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, "You're right!"

                "As the saying goes, one will make a man's bones dry up!"

                "If you want to become a human being, you can't be merciful!"

                "Lin Mo, this bastard son of a bitch, has been pouring bewitching soup into Hanxia all day, look what he's made of her, he even dares to yell at us!"

                "This kind of person, can't stay with Hanxia, he'll harm her!"

                Thinking of Xu Hanxia's recent quarrel with herself, Fang Hui's expression also gradually became grim.

                "We are going to have to think of a way to send this son of a bitch to jail!"

                "It's just a pity that we don't have any shares in our hands."

                "Otherwise, he definitely won't be able to get away!"

                Fang Hui gritted her teeth and said.

                At this moment, Huang Liang suddenly remembered something: "Mom and Dad, I remembered, Xu Jianping still has shares in their hands."

                "They sold most of their shares, but they still have some in their hands, they are considered small shareholders of the company."

                "It's the same effect if they come forward!"