Medical Genius Chapter 591

 Xu Jiangong's eyes lit up, "That's a good way to do it."

                "That's three hundred million dollars!"

                "If those shareholders knew about this, they'd definitely have to make a scene."

                "By then, they'll definitely have to send Lin Mo straight to jail."

                "Let's keep an eye on Han Xia and not let her get involved in this matter."

                "When Lin Mo is in jail, it will be too late for her to sell her shares."

                Huang Liang nodded with a faint smile, "That's what I mean."

                "Dad, what do you think?"

                Xu Dongxue clapped her hands and laughed, "Dad, I think my husband's idea is too good."

                "It's a good way to get rid of Lin and preserve our family's assets."

                Xu Jiangong nodded in satisfaction, "I think it's good, wife, what do you think?"

                Fang Hui was slightly hesitant: "Isn't this ...... a bit too unethical?"

                "Lin Mo has agreed to help us take on this matter, and we still treat him like this, this ......"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Mom, you're confused again."

                "This Lin Mo, is not a good thing at all."

                "He compelled my sister and tried to embezzle our family's property, he's simply a scum!"

                "This kind of person, he should be sent to jail."

                "Why do you need to be merciful to him?"

                Fang Hui whispered, "But, he promised to help us bear this matter ......"

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "That's because he's stupid, no one else is to blame."

                "He thought this was an easy matter, thinking that by taking it on, we would be grateful to him and he would be able to smoothly embezzle our family's property."

                "Hmph, he's made a mistake this time."

                "No matter what happens, he deserves what he gets!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly, "Xue'er is right."

                "There shouldn't be any pity for people like Lin Mo."

                "All the things that happened are all his own doing, no one else can be blamed."

                "Alright, this matter is settled."

                "Huang Liang, you call those shareholders now and inform them of this matter!"

                Huang Liang nodded with a look of excitement.

                He took out his mobile phone and contacted a shareholder he knew well at first, and told this shareholder about the construction company's side of things in a jealous manner.

                Of course, he didn't say what he had done, but backtracked.

                He said that Lin Mo had disobeyed his advice and invested the entire 300 million he had borrowed from the herbal company into this project, which ultimately led to the construction materials company suffering heavy losses.

                This was a mistake he had made, and he had planted it hard on Lin Mo's head.

                He thought that this shareholder would be furious and would directly come to find trouble with Lin Mo.

                However, when he stopped, that shareholder then directly cursed out, "Huang Liang, what are you, how dare you sue someone behind their back?"

                "This is our company's business, is it the turn of a trash like you to dictate?"

                Huang Liang was dumbfounded, he never dreamed that the one being scolded would be himself.

                "Boss Xie, I ...... I'm doing this for your own good."

                "You are one of the shareholders of the company, and the company's money, too, has a part of you."

                "Lin Mo is bent on recklessness and recklessness, causing the company to lose three hundred million, and the loss is also your money."

                "I also can't bear to see you being cheated by him like this, so I'm just talking to you, you ...... you misunderstand me?"

                Huang Liang hurriedly explained.

                That shareholder once again cursed angrily, "Misunderstanding your master!"

                "Just your little crooked mind, think I can't see it?"

                "You just want to sue behind my back!"

                "I'm telling you, let's not talk about whether Mr. Lin did this or not."

                "Even if Mr. Lin did this thing and really made the company lose 300 million, so what?"

                "No matter what Mr. Lin has done, I absolutely trust him, there's no way he would make the company lose money!"

                Huang Liang said angrily, "But this money has already been lost now, that's a fact!"

                The shareholder angrily rebuked, "Even if I lose money, I'm happy to do it, what do you care?"