Medical Genius Chapter 587

 Lin Mo turned his head and looked at the four Xu Jiangong.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were slightly embarrassed and did not meet Lin Mo's eyes.

                Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, sneered, "Yo, you're quite well-informed, you've inquired so quickly?"

                "However, it's too late now."

                "The shares of the construction company, all transferred to Lin Mo's name."

                "Now, he is the chairman of the construction company."

                "Anything that happens to the construction company, it's up to him, the chairman, to solve it!"

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, "You guys ...... you're done so quickly?"

                Lin Mo helplessly said, "They pulled me early in the morning to do the formalities."

                "And, also specifically contacted an acquaintance, just to do this, busy all day."

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "You guys are really anxious, you're afraid that Lin Mo will back out, so you're desperately trying to get everything done in this one day?"

                "Why are you guys so venomous?"

                Fang Hui became dissatisfied and said in a deep voice, "Halfsia, how do you speak?"

                "How can we say that we are also your parents' relatives ......"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Don't you mention this to me!"

                "Parents and relatives?"

                "Is there a parent who treats their family like this?"

                "You guys are in such a hurry to transfer all the shares to Lin Mo's name, just to let Lin Mo take the blame!"

                "Do you ...... have any humanity at all?"

                "How can you do such a heartless thing?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face swelled red: "Hanxia, who are you talking to?"

                "We are your parents ......"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "I repeat, don't mention this to me!"

                Xu Jian Gong was furious: "Are you trying to rebel?"

                "What, I, as a father, can't even say a word in front of you!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "I can say it!"

                "Of course you can say it!"

                "You can say anything you want!"

                "I definitely won't stop you!"

                "But let me tell you, this time, it also made me see you guys clearly!"

                "Even if you guys are my parents, I still have to say it clearly."

                "You guys ...... are a bunch of wolf-hearted, inhumane ......"

                Speaking of this, Xu Hanxia was already in tears.

                She really didn't want to say such cruel words to her parents.

                However, this time, it really made her too angry.

                Xu Jiangong was furious and pointed at Xu Hanxia and hissed, "What did you say?"

                "Who are you calling wolf-hearted and dog-lunged, who are you calling inhumane?"

                "Say it again!"

                Fang Hui was also filled with tears, "Halfsia, how can you talk like that?"

                "We worked so hard to raise you, and this is how you treat us?"

                "Ai, sins, how did we teach you to be like this ah ......"

                Xu Dongxue said coldly, "Sister, even if you don't want to be filial to mom and dad, that's nothing."

                "But, how can there be such a son or daughter like you, who insult their parents?"

                "Do you still have humanity yourself?"

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but cry in pain, she walked over and grabbed Lin Mo's arm, gritting her teeth and said, "Lin Mo, you don't have to worry."

                "This time, no matter what, I will help you."

                "I ...... I'll sell all the shares of Xu Pharmaceutical tomorrow, and I'll help you fill up the 300 million."

                "I will definitely not let you go to jail!"

                Hearing this, several other people were anxious.

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Xu Hanxia, who gave you permission to sell the shares of Xu Pharmaceuticals?"

                "That is our Xu family's asset, you ...... you have no right to sell!"

                "I, as the head of the family, will now take back this share and my Xu family's industry!"

                Xu Dongxue also said angrily, "Xu Hanxia, do you still want to have a face?"

                "Everyone in Guangyang City says you're raising a young white man, you really can do it, huh?"

                "For a soft-earned trash, you sold your family's property, is it a shame to spread the word?"

                "You don't want to be ashamed, but we still want to be ashamed!"