Medical Genius Chapter 581

 Huang Liang lowered his head and said reluctantly, "Then ...... that can't be for me to bear alone, right?"

                "I ...... how can I afford such a large amount of money!"

                Fang Hui suddenly jumped up and pounced on Huang Liang with her teeth and claws: "This project was proposed by you!"

                "It's your word that you can't lose!"

                "You also transferred the money!"

                "If you don't bear it, who else do you want to bear it?"

                "You return me three hundred million, return me three hundred million ......"

                Fang Hui reached out and scratched at Huang Lian's face.

                Huang Liang hurriedly covered his face to dodge.

                Xu Dongxue blocked her mother: "Mom, you ...... you take it easy."

                "What's the point of you doing this?"

                "There are things, can't we discuss it properly?"

                Fang Hui said angrily: "How to discuss?"

                "Three hundred million is so gone, what else to discuss?"

                "This money, you do not return, I ...... I'm not finished with you!"

                Xu Dongxue was annoyed: "Mom, what do you mean by this?"

                "Why is it that we go to get the money back?"

                "Are you going to put this whole thing on Huang Liang?"

                "Don't forget, when we invested, we made it clear."

                "When this investment makes money, you take 70%, we just take 30%."

                "Now that you've lost money, you're putting the blame on us, why?"

                "Even if you really want to draw the blame, you ...... guys should take seventy percent!"

                Fang Hui froze, she looked at Xu Dongxue incredulously, "You ...... what did you say?"

                Xu Dongxue did not show weakness and said loudly, "Am I not right?"

                "Investment has risks, no one can guarantee a steady profit!"

                "Since you want to share more benefits, you ...... should take more risks!"

                "If something happens to this investment, you guys ...... you should take more responsibility!"

                Xu Jiangong shivered with anger and pointed at Xu Dongxue and roared, "You ...... you unfilial daughter!"

                "How can you say such words!"

                "How can you let me and your mother take the blame?"

                "Are you planning to let us both go to jail?"

                Xu Dongxue blushed red: "Which ...... which is so serious?"

                "It's just a little money, big deal ...... big deal to earn it back again."

                "Can still go to jail?"

                Fang Hui screamed: "Is this a little money?"

                "This is three hundred million ah, you ...... you can earn so much money in your life?"

                Xu Dongxue still wanted to speak, but was quietly pulled back by Huang Liang.

                "Dad, mom, I know you guys are angry, but you guys don't get excited yet."

                "This investment is something that no one expected, I didn't want it to be like this."

                "We weren't tricked this time, that's really the heir of the Fang family, and the villa area thing is true."

                "Such a thing happened to the Fang family, no one could have predicted ah."

                "Let me put it this way, if this time Fang Shao his father did not die and win in the family's fight, then we will make a lot of money on this investment."

                "Investment in this kind of thing, there are definitely risks, there can not be a foolproof investment."

                "Our investment this time, can only be considered our bad luck, can not blame anyone."

                "I think, instead of us blaming each other here, we should first think about how to solve this matter!"

                Huang Liang said.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui looked at each other, and although they were very angry, they had to admit that Huang Liang was right.

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Then how do you think this matter can be resolved?"

                "Do you have a way to recover the three hundred million?"

                Huang Liang said in a deep voice: "At this point in time, to recover the three hundred million, that is definitely impossible."

                "The only problem now is who will bear this matter."

                Fang Hui glared: "This still need to say?"

                "It's definitely you who will bear the burden!"

                "This is something you did, who else do you want to take the blame?"

                Huang Liang said softly, "Or maybe, Lin Mo is more suitable than me."