Medical Genius Chapter 574

 Xu Hanxia frowned, "Mom, can you speak more politely?"

                "Deng Jun is in charge of the herbal company, how much money has he made for Xu Pharmaceutical, how much credit has he made?"

                "He has done so much, even if you don't appreciate him, you still insult people like this?"

                "You ...... you're going too far!"

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Sister, are you getting it backwards?"

                "When this Deng Jun was at his poorest, it was us who took him in and let him work at the herb company, and he got everything he has now."

                "If it wasn't for us, he would have died long ago, and he would still be living in a mansion and driving a luxury car and getting such a high salary?"

                "We fed him and housed him, and paid him such a high salary."

                "As a result, we transfer some of our money out of the herb company and he still has demands?"

                "Seriously, what we gave him, even if we fed it to a wild dog, it would still be cooked!"

                Xu Hanxia turned blue and said angrily, "Xue'er, how can you talk like that?"

                "When the herb company almost collapsed, if it wasn't for him, would the herb company have made it this far?"

                "One must be grateful to be a human being ......"

                Xu Dongxue laughed coldly, "That's right, one should have a grateful heart to be a human being."

                "Sister, do you really think it's because of him, Deng Jun, that the medicinal herb company has been able to rise from the dead?"

                "Hmph, the medicinal herb company was only able to come this far because it relied on our Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "If Deng Jun was really capable, he wouldn't have been in such a mess in the past few years."

                "Let me tell you this, if you had put me in charge of the herbal company, I would have done better than him!"

                "So don't you ever say anything about being grateful to him in front of me again."

                "He should be the one to be grateful to our Xu family!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, agreeing with Xu Dongxue's words.

                Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth, "If you guys are so capable, then why did you almost bring down the herb company in the first place?"

                Xu Dongxue and the others were suddenly speechless.

                Xu Jiangong looked embarrassed and said in a deep voice, "Halfsia, what exactly do you mean?"

                "Is it that hard to ask you to transfer the money over?"

                "Let's not mention the past, and let's not talk about gratitude."

                "You go and tell Deng Jun that the herb company is owned by us, Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "If he doesn't want to listen to our Xu family, he can leave the herbal company, we'll never hold back!"

                Xu Dongxue nodded repeatedly, "Yes, he can even get out right now!"

                "This herbal company, I'll be the president, it's all absolutely fine!"

                "This way, the herbal company, too, can be in our own hands, and won't be hijacked by others."

                Xu Hanxia glared at her indignantly, "You just don't think about it."

                "The board of directors has made it very clear that the few of you, will never be allowed to enter the herb company again."

                "Otherwise, they will have to investigate that incident last time thoroughly and send you to jail!"

                Xu Dongxue opened her mouth, but eventually dared not say anything else.

                Xu Jian Gong said in a deep voice: "Why are you talking so much?"

                "I told you to fire him, what's wrong with that?"

                "The big deal is that we don't go to the herb company and just find someone else to take charge of it."

                "Hmph, it's not easy to find a three-legged toad, but is it still hard to find a two-legged person?"

                Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice: "Dad, it's not that easy for you to fire Deng Jun!"

                "For one thing, the board of directors will definitely not agree, after all, Deng Jun can make money for the company."

                "Secondly, most of the resources and customers of the herb company are all in Deng Jun's hands."

                "If Deng Jun leaves, all these resources and customers will be gone."

                "Even, even those orders that the herb company had before, would most likely be withdrawn."

                "At that time, the losses of the herb company, that would be hard to estimate."

                "Once such a situation arises, the board of directors will pursue the matter, and no one can afford to take the blame!"