Medical Genius Chapter 571

 Xu Jiangong pondered slightly and said, "Xue'er, this thing you're talking about, is it solid or not?"

                "It's three hundred million, if anything goes wrong, it's not a trivial matter!"

                "Last time, if we hadn't recovered the three hundred million, we would have been finished."

                Xu Dongxue laughed, "Dad, you can rest assured."

                "This time is different from last time."

                "Last time that person was a fraud, but this time we are working with the youngest master of the Fang family, one of the ten major families."

                "That's a big name in the whole of Guangyang City."

                "People generally want to work with him, but they can't find the opportunity yet."

                "If Young Master Fang didn't have a shortage of liquidity recently, he wouldn't even look at this amount of money we have."

                "Such a good opportunity should not be missed."

                Fang Hui said worriedly, "How do you know this is Young Master Fang?"

                "We're not familiar with the Fang family either."

                Huang Liang laughed lightly, "Mom, I've already confirmed this matter."

                "This project, in fact, was first done in collaboration with that construction company."

                "I've inquired about it, that construction company, and the shares of the Zhou family among the ten families, Young Master Fang was actually originally working with the Zhou family."

                "Other people can't figure out Young Master Fang's identity, the Zhou family can't possibly not figure it out, right?"

                "This identity, it's definitely correct!"

                Fang Hui nodded, "The identity is correct, that's good."

                "Since it's a business of the top ten families, it certainly won't lose money."

                "Jian Gong, I think it can be done."

                Xu Jiangong was still pondering when Xu Dongxue whispered, "Dad, don't hesitate anymore!"

                "Young Master Fang, as long as this property is done, we can double this investment several times not to mention. The most crucial thing is that we are even hooked up with the Fang family."

                "With the support of the Fang family, this construction company of ours will definitely be able to leap into a big enterprise in Guangyang City."

                "By then, even Xu's Pharmaceutical is not as good as our real estate company."

                "This time, we can also prove to Sis what we are capable of, and also let her know what kind of goods Lin Mo really is!"

                These words completely impressed Xu Jiangong.

                He slowly nodded, "Good, then it's settled."

                "When the three hundred million arrives, I will immediately transfer it to your account."

                "Little Huang, do a good job and don't let me down!"

                Huang Liang was overjoyed, "Dad, don't worry, I won't let you down."

                Xu Dongxue also had a joyful face, "Dad, just don't worry about Huang Liang's work."

                "My husband, no matter which point he is, is a thousand times better than that Lin Mo, he just never had the chance."

                "This time, he will finally have the chance to soar to the heavens."

                "When the time comes, when we compare, my sister will know what kind of a waste that Lin Mo really is."

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "That's right, this time, you must compare Lin Mo to him."

                "This soft food eating punk, I feel disgusted even when I look at him one more time."

                "When Hanxia is disappointed with him, we can justify it and kick him out."

                "Seriously, I can't wait to get rid of him right now!"

                Huang Liang laughed lightly, "Mom, don't be in a hurry."

                "This matter of changing the name of the property deed, the procedure hasn't been completed yet."

                "If we kick him out now, it won't be worth it."

                "He has lived and eaten in our house for so long, it's only right that he gives us a house."

                Fang Hui laughed out loud, "That's right."

                "It's a good thing to repay a drop of water."

                "When he was at his lowest point, we helped him and saved his life."

                "It's only right that he gives us a house in return."

                Several people inside the house laughed out loud, all with smug faces, without the slightest sense of shame.

                Outside the house, Xu Hanxia's face turned blue as she listened, and she couldn't help but clench her fists.