Medical Genius Chapter 57-58

 Chapter 57

The crowd was dumbfounded by the fleshy worm.

                "It's well?" Lady Zhao was stunned, "What's better?"

                "Your Zhao family has a successor." Lin Mo said, "As long as his wife has no problems, within this year, she will be able to have a child!"

                "Really?" Mrs. Zhao was overjoyed, but still had some difficulty believing it.

                "Mr. Lin, what is this ...... thing?" He Lao looked at the flesh worm on the ground in amazement.

                After this flesh worm landed on the ground, it didn't take long to gradually stiffen and die.

                Lin Mo: "This is a kind of compulsion, it's very rare."

                "This kind of compulsion is hidden in the flesh and blood, and can fuse with it. No matter whether it is examined in modern times or by open incision, its presence cannot be detected."

                "It feeds on human essence and will only attach itself to men, eventually causing them to be unable to have children."

                The crowd was shocked, there was still such a magical compulsion?

                Divine Doctor Xue couldn't help but say, "Since we can't discover its existence, what's going on now?"

                Lin Mo: "This compulsion has a lifeline, and after it is pricked, it cannot fuse with blood and flesh. To remove this compulsion, we can only use this method."

                Only then did the crowd notice that on top of the parasite, there was indeed a silver needle pricked.

                "My son, how could he be infected with this kind of compulsion?" Mrs. Zhao said curiously.

                "It is normally impossible to get infected, this kind of compulsion, only appears in Miaojiang." Lin Mo said, "Mr. Zhao, has he been to the Miao Frontier?"

                Madam Zhao's face changed: "When he ...... was nineteen, he traveled with his classmates and took a trip to Miaojiang ......"

                "I say so, the girlfriend he talked to when he was in school, the relationship is still very good."

                "Since he came back from that trip and his girlfriend broke up, he's been like this ever since ......"

                The crowd was shocked, it was really like that ah.

                Divine Doctor Xue was still not willing: "Then ...... then how do you know that I will give him three stitches? Moreover, he will vomit blood?"

                Lin Mo said, "This kind of compulsion is usually hidden near the blood vessels, which will create the illusion of blocked qi and blood."

                "With the flick-needle technique you have learned, you would definitely judge that he has stagnant Qi and blood. The best way to treat stagnant Qi and blood is acupuncture. You yourself are an expert in the Flicking Needle Technique, so if you don't use acupuncture, what will you use?"

                "The area where the parasite is located is where the stagnation of qi and blood is most severe, so your first three needles must fall on the three areas of Quchi Guan Yuan and Kidney Yu."

                "However, if you go down with three stitches like this, it will stimulate the compulsion, thus causing the Qi and blood in his body to rush, causing him to vomit blood."

                Divine Doctor Xue was dumbfounded, Lin Mo's analysis was exactly right.

                After a long time, Divine Doctor Xue suddenly fell to his knees, "Sir, you are truly a godly man! I've offended you so much before, please punish you!"

                "Don't be so polite!" Lin Mo waved his hand, "Your medical skills aren't bad, it's just that you've never encountered a situation like this before, so it's normal to get it wrong."

                Divine Doctor Xue had a look of emotion on his face, "Today, I've really met a high level person!"

                Mrs Zhao was smiling from ear to ear, there was no doubt that her son's illness was definitely fine.

                "Divine Doctor Lin, thank you very much indeed!" Mrs. Zhao took out a card and handed it to Lin Mo: "This is a small token of my appreciation, please accept it!"

                "When my son wakes up, I will personally take him to my door and kneel down to thank him!"

                Lin Mo pushed back a few times, but in the end, Mrs Zhao forced the card into his pocket.

Chapter 58

Walking out of the Zhao family, He Lao also breathed a long sigh of relief.

                "Mr. Lin, thank you so much this time!" He Lao said sincerely.

                Lin Mo's expression, however, gloomed as he glanced at He Lao and said in a deep voice, "This matter, it's not over yet!"

                "Hm?" He Lao was surprised, "Hasn't Duke Zhao been cured?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "Of course he was cured, but this matter is far from being as simple as a cure!"

                "Why?" He Lao said curiously.

                Lin Mo's face was grave: "The art of placing a compulsion is not simple."

                "Generally speaking, a compulsion master would not casually put a compulsion on a person, let alone this kind of compulsion that can cut off a person's offspring."

                "Unless there was some deep hatred, they would not have cast a compulsion on him!"

                He Lao was stunned, "Could it be that he has offended a compulsion master?"

                "That should be the case!" Lin Mo nodded, "Once the parasite was taken out, the compulsion master would immediately know about it. If it's really a deep hatred, I reckon that compulsion master will still come looking for him!"

                He Lao had a shocked look on his face, "Then ...... is there any way to save him then?"

                Lin Mo: "Let's take a step and see."

                Back at the hospital, Lin Mo hadn't sat down for long when he received a call from Chen Shengyuan.

                It turned out that Xu's Pharmaceutical's account, was frozen by the bank.

                The deposits that those people had transferred yesterday had all been frozen and could not be used.

                The company now had no liquidity at all and could not do anything.

                Xu Hanxia went to the bank early in the morning, just to work on this matter.

                Lin Mo frowned: "How did the account get frozen?"

                Chen Shengyuan: "Originally, Xu Pharmaceutical owed the bank a lot of loans, and moreover, Xu Pharmaceutical made joint guarantees with many other companies."

                "Originally, this was a normal thing, but, yesterday, the bank side suddenly received some account statements from Xu Pharmaceutical, which showed that there was a big problem with Xu's group's accounts."

                "At the same time, several other companies that are jointly guaranteed with Xu Pharmaceutical have also suddenly been exposed to problems."

                "So, the bank, on its side, took emergency measures and froze Xu Pharmaceutical's accounts!"

                Lin Mo frowned, these things happened together, someone behind the scenes must have made a move.

                "On Xu Pharmaceutical's account, there are now over a billion dollars. Even if something does go wrong, the money is still enough to pay out, so why freeze the account?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Chen Shengyuan said, "This matter, in fact, can be big or small."

                "Under normal circumstances, the bank would not freeze the account, it only needs to ensure that there is enough money in the account to repay the loan."

                "However, the bank side insists on freezing the account, which is obviously targeting Xu's Pharmaceutical."

                "If the account is frozen, Xu Pharmaceuticals will have no liquidity available."

                "Given the size of Xu Pharmaceutical, if the accounts are frozen for more than two weeks, Xu Pharmaceutical is afraid that it will collapse."

                "The bank is just going through a procedure, but it's enough to bring down a business."

                Lin Mo clenched his fist, no wonder Xu Hanxia's eyes were red today, it looked like he had suffered a lot of grievances during this trip to the bank.

                Chen Shengyuan said in a low voice: "Mr. Lin, I've also checked it out. The person in charge of this matter is a senior manager of the bank, named Yao Dong, who has a lot of power in the bank."

                "I don't have much friendship with him, but if Mr. Nan is willing to ask, the bank will definitely not dare to make things difficult for Xu's Pharmaceutical!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need to look for Mr. Nan, I'll handle it myself!"