Medical Genius Chapter 569

 Looking at Xu Jiangong's excited look, Xu Hanxia only felt exhausted.

                She could see that Xu Jiangong was actually forcing her to give her money by making such a scene.

                Xu Jiangong had no intention of fighting with Lin Mo, his aim was only to get the investment.

                However, now that the matter had come to a head, she could not refuse to give the money.

                If she really didn't agree, Xu Jiangong would really dare to fight with Lin Mo with a knife.

                "You put the knife down first."

                "If I promise to give you the funds, then I will definitely give it to you."

                Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice.

                Xu Dongxue laughed coldly, "Sister, you didn't even say a specific time, how can people believe this?"

                "If you keep delaying again later, what about Mom and Dad's pharmacy?"

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "What Xue'er said is good."

                "Hanxia, if you really want to invest in us, then say a specific time."

                Xu Hanxia shivered with anger and gritted her teeth, "How do I know the exact time."

                "For three hundred million dollars, I have to apply to the board of directors first."

                "Then, you also have to find the herb company and negotiate with them to get them to invest the funds with you."

                "This process will take at least a month."

                Xu Jiangong shook his head straight away, "A month is too long."

                "I've already talked to a few landlords about renting a house, and I'm going to sign the contract next planet."

                "I'm only giving you a week!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious: "Dad, how is one week possible?"

                "That's three hundred million, not a small amount."

                "Even if the board fully agrees, that ...... that still has to go through the procedure."

                Xu Jiangong said in a deep voice, "I don't care about that much, just one word from you."

                "One week, can you transfer the money or not!"

                Xu Hanxia was about to cry with anger, this was simply forcing her!

                At this moment, she suddenly noticed that Lin Mo had winked at her, signalling her to agree.

                Xu Hanxia was puzzled, but nodded: "Okay, one week, I'll try my best!"

                Xu Jiangong said in a cold voice: "Not try, it's a must!"

                "In a week's time, if the money doesn't arrive, I will definitely not let him go!"

                After Xu Jiangong finished speaking, he put down the knife and went back to his bedroom in a rage.

                Fang Hui tidied up the things in the house and sighed, "What a sin!"

                "I really didn't expect that the child I worked so hard to raise would turn out to be like this."

                "Ai, what a failure we are as parents."

                Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, ran over and held Fang Hui: "Mom, don't be angry."

                "Some people are white-eyed wolves, I'm not."

                "Don't worry, I'll definitely be filial to you and Dad."

                Listening to these sarcastic words, Xu Hanxia only had the feeling that she wanted to cry.

                Her parents had never wanted to help her, instead they had always tried to squeeze her.

                They had been tossing and turning like this just to get money from her, all for the sake of money.

                When she returned to her room, Xu Hanxia's tears gushed out straight away.

                Xu Hanxia choked up and said, "Lin Mo, I'm sorry, I just ...... made you suffer just now."

                Lin Mo gently swept Xu Hanxia into his arms, "Fool, don't say sorry."

                "I said, as long as you love me, everything is worth it!"

                Xu Hanxia cried even harder, "Lin Mo, I don't know exactly what's wrong."

                "Ever since I got the shares of Xu Pharmaceutical, I can't feel a bit of home in this family at all."

                "Everything they do is for money."

                "All this fuss is all for the sake of asking for money from me."

                "Lin Mo, I ...... really don't mean to be ungrateful to them."

                "But, after all, I am the chairman of the company, I still have to be responsible for the company."

                "It is not possible that, whatever they want, I ...... will give them whatever they want regardless ......"