Medical Genius Chapter 565

 Lin Mo was speechless, this Xu Jiangong's brain circuit was really new.

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Dad, can you be more reasonable?"

                "Who's hitting on our family's company?"

                "Lin Mo is also a member of our family!"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "What kind of a member of our family is he?"

                "Is his surname Xu?"

                "Does he have anything to do with our Xu family?"

                "He's just a son-in-law, do you really think he's a human being?"

                Xu Hanxia froze for a moment and said urgently, "Dad, how can you ...... talk like that?"

                "What's wrong with a door-to-door son-in-law?"

                "What's wrong with him treating our family?"

                "What's wrong with him treating you?"

                "Where did you get the house you live in?"

                "Who saved the day when the herb company was in trouble?"

                "When our company was almost finished, who helped to deal with it?"

                With these words, Xu Jiangong was at a loss for words, unable to answer at all.

                Fang Hui said in a deep voice, "These past matters, why are you talking about it?"

                "That's right, Lin Mo did do a lot of things."

                "But, he has eaten and lived in our house and worked for our family all these years, isn't that what he should do?"

                "I'll even raise a dog ......"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "That's enough!"

                "I say again, Lin Mo is my husband!"

                "I love him, I won't allow anyone to insult him!"

                "Even you guys, if you insult him like that again, I ...... will leave Guangyang City with him and never come back!"

                Fang Hui was taken aback by Xu Hanxia, and the words that followed, could not be said for a moment.

                The actual fact is that you can't get a lot of money from the company.

                Xu Dongxue took a look at the situation and hurriedly intervened, "Sister, we didn't mean to insult him."

                "I just want to say that this is too generous of you to do so, isn't it?"

                "All of Lin Mo's friends can run herbal companies."

                "We're your closest relatives, ah, yet we've been kicked out of the herb company."

                "You ...... say it yourself, can you afford us?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Don't you know in your own heart why you were kicked out of the herb company?"

                "What exactly did you do in the herb company before?"

                "What happened to the herb company at that time? The investment of tens of millions of dollars was almost lost."

                "Have you all forgotten about this?"

                "At that time, the board of directors wanted to hold you accountable and send you to jail, who helped you solve this matter?"

                "Xu Dongxue, you transferred 300 million dollars of the company's capital at that time, do you still remember this matter?"

                "Mom and Dad, you were cheated by that boss and the company almost went down with him, you wouldn't forget that, would you?"

                "Who recovered that money and who kept you guys out of jail?"

                "Who pulled the company back from the brink of bankruptcy?"

                The few people in the room looked at each other, all embarrassed and unable to speak for a while.

                After a long silence, Fang Hui sighed and said, "Hanxia, what happened in the past, it's true that we did something wrong."

                "I know that you have been dissatisfied with us in your heart."

                "Hey, your father and I, after all, didn't go to school much."

                "Your sister also dropped out of school early to work in order to pay for your education at that time."

                "We were uneducated and uneducated, we were cheated, we were stupid, we deserved it."

                "You're right to scold, you're right, we ...... we're a bunch of useless losers!"

                Xu Hanxia is dying of anger, it's already this time, and you're still giving me this bitterness?

                "Mom, do you have to make me say it clearly before you can?"

                "It's fine if you and my father didn't go to school, after all, in those days, everyone was poor."

                "But what about Xue'er?"

                "Did she really drop out of school to pay for my education?"

                "Do you have to make me shake her out for that little thing she used to do?"