Medical Genius Chapter 561

 Brother Fire laughed, "Brother Five, sister-in-law, there is no miscalculation."

                "It's indeed eighteen million seven hundred and thirty thousand."

                "And that's counting just the cash, not counting some of the gifts and such from others."

                "I wrote down the list of gifts too, quite a few people gave gold and silver jewellery and so on, these were a lot, I had people get six boxes to fit them in."

                "All this jewellery and stuff, sister-in-law look back at it."

                "You can keep the ones you like, but if you don't like them, just get rid of them."

                "Otherwise, if you leave so much jewellery at home, it will be easy to be missed by thieves, but it's also troublesome to put it away."

                Xiao Wu and Wang Lian were dumbfounded: "How ...... how can this happen?"

                "Where did you get so much money as a gift?"

                "Where does anyone give jewellery?"

                "This ...... jewellery has to be so expensive!"

                Fire smiled lightly, "Fifth brother, sister-in-law, this is the way we do things now."

                "To attend a wedding banquet, giving gifts is just a basic relationship."

                "Giving jewellery and gifts, that really shows a good relationship."

                "The people who came today, all brought gifts, which means they all want to make friends with you."

                "As for this gift, oh, that's normal."

                "Master Zhou has taken eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight for himself, and the others, anyway, are hundreds of thousands."

                "Even if those neighbours of yours or whatever don't take gifts, that's still almost twenty million."

                "And, that's still the people Master Tiger invited."

                "There are some people who haven't been invited, who want to come over and can't even get in."

                "If they all really came, it would probably be twenty to thirty million."

                Xiao Wu and Wang Lian were dumbfounded.

                Not long ago, they had to worry about a few hundred dollars.

                Who would have thought that by getting married, they would be rich all of a sudden?

                "This ...... is too much, we can't take it."

                "Brother Fire, how about ...... how about you help us return this money?"

                Wang Lian waved her hand and said.

                Brother Fire gave Wang Lian a surprised look, this girl, made him feel admired too.

                So much money, her first thought was to ask someone to return it, that was rare.

                Nowadays, there were too few people who didn't love money, not to mention that their families were already in need of it.

                "Sister-in-law, you mustn't call me that, you can just call me Little Fire."

                "Besides, the money can't be returned."

                "When people come over to give us gifts, it's to give us face. If we accept it, we are accepting their goodwill."

                "If we return it like this, it's not like we're not giving face to people and slapping them in the face!"

                "In the future, Fifth Brother will have to manage the herb company and will need to deal with many people."

                "These human courtesies must not be done wrong."

                Brother Fire said back.

                Wang Lian said blankly, "But this ...... is so much money, this is too big of a favor for people."

                "This ...... how can we pay back this?"

                Brother Fire laughed, "Sister-in-law, you can rest assured."

                "This being human, anything is possible."

                "In the future, when Fifth Brother is in charge of the herb company, his income will certainly not be low."

                "If we find a chance, if they have a wedding or a funeral, we can just return it."

                "Besides, money is not important to people, it's the favours that matter."

                Only then did Wang Lian stop talking and accept the items.

                Brother Fire handed the list to Xiao Wu, "Brother Wu, take a look at it."

                "If it's okay, let's pack up and go."

                "I've called my brothers and will go help you move later."

                Xiao Wu couldn't help but stare, "Moving what?"

                Brother Fire smiled, "It's what Master Tiger ordered when he left."

                "From now on, you'll have to live in the staff dormitory when you work at the herb company."

                "So, have to move your stuff to the staff dormitory."

                Xiao Wu suddenly realized, "Oh, there's no need to call someone then."

                "I'll just have some clothes and stuff to take with me and I'll be good to go."

                Brother Fire said softly, "The staff dormitory Master Tiger provided, is a big bungalow, almost three hundred square feet."

                "What Master Tiger means is that you and your family should move in together."