Medical Genius Chapter 560

 Wang Ling came over to Wang Lian and whispered, "Lian Lian, I'm sorry."

                "I ...... shouldn't have stopped your marriage to Xiao Wu, I've come to apologize to you."

                "Xiao Wu, you ...... re not angry with me, are you?"

                Xiao Wu lowered his head and didn't say anything.

                Wang Lian, however, had an indignant face, "You don't need to say sorry to me."

                "What you have done, I will never forgive you in my life!"

                Wang Ling was anxious: "Lian Lian, you ...... How can you be so cruel?"

                "I'm your sister!"

                Wang Lian said coldly, "You also know that you are my sister?"

                "Then you let me go and marry a fool just for that little profit of your own?"

                "Do you treat me as a sister or not?"

                At this point, Wang Lian looked at Wang Chenggong with anger again, "Didn't you want me to die?"

                "I died once when I fell down from the stairs."

                "The one million bride price you asked for, we gave it to you."

                "I hope, you won't come to disturb our life again!"

                After saying that, Wang Lian angrily dragged Xiao Wu away.

                Wang Chenggong and the others still wanted to go after them, but they were stopped directly by the people next to them.

                Brother Fire stood next to them and pointed at Wang Chenggong, "Old thing, get the hell out of here immediately."

                "From today onwards, I'll work under Fifth Brother."

                "You few, show up in front of Fifth Brother again, and I'll break your dog legs!"

                "Throw them out!"

                With a wave of his hand, those men of his, directly dragged Wang Chenggong and the others out.

                For his part, Brother Fire hurriedly followed behind Little Brother Five.

                This time, Brother Fire had made a big profit.

                He was one of the first people to arrive at Xiao Wu's house, helping out and doing things in a thorough manner.

                Moreover, I don't know how he pulled some strings, but he even got involved with Xiao Wu's family.

                As a result, he immediately called Xiao Wu's parents his cousins and aunts as a junior, and was very affectionate.

                In addition, Lin Mo saw him as a person who could do things well, so he let him come over to help Xiao Wu.

                This time, Brother Fire almost cried with excitement.

                If he could follow Xiao Wu, he would be following a big shot like Lin Mo's Deng Jun.

                Although he was also a local snake, to be honest, his wealth was very average, and it was not bad to have 20 million in assets.

                If he could hug the thigh of Lin Mo Deng Jun, he might be able to seize the opportunity and soar to the sky, just like Tiger!

                So, he now treated Xiao Wu completely as his boss, and could not mention how respectful he was to Xiao Wu!

                After sending all the guests away, Lin Mo and Deng Jun left first.

                Of course, Brother Fire also brought a group of people to stay behind to help Xiao Wu and the others.

                Xiao Wu and Wang Lian had been tired all day, so they were finally able to sit down and have a cup of tea in the house.

                Brother Fire was indeed thoughtful too, explaining in advance to the back kitchen so that they could make a table of food.

                At lunchtime today, everyone was eating, while Xiao Wu and Wang Lian were busy toasting and had not eaten at all.

                The two of them were now hungry and tired, and Brother Fire's arrangement was just right.

                The two sat in the luxurious private room on the top floor of the Times Hotel and ate the delicacy they had never enjoyed before.

                Brother Fire, meanwhile, was nearby, giving the two men a report on the day's situation.

                "Fifth Brother, I just did a tally."

                "We've received a total of 18,730,000 in gift money today ......"

                Just as they said this, Xiao Wu and Wang Lian spurted out the water in their mouths straight away.

                Brother Fire was startled, "Brother Five, sister-in-law, what's wrong?"

                "Is the food not to your liking?"

                Xiao Wu said sharply, "No, you ...... you ...... what did you just say?"

                "What ...... what gift money, how much?"

                Wang Lian was also anxious: "Have you made a mistake?"

                "More than ten million? How is it possible? Even if it's wrong, it's not that much to count!"

                Only then did Brother Fire understand that the two were shocked by the amount of the gift money.