Medical Genius Chapter 559

 Deng Jun got off the stage and went with Lin Mo to sit in the private room inside.

                Not long after they sat down, Xiao Wu and Wang Lian came in.

                Xiao Wu said excitedly just as he entered, "Junzi, what ...... are you doing?"

                "I really can't do this ah, I ...... I haven't even managed the company."

                "The herb company is doing well, why did you suddenly change careers?"

                "You ...... can't if you're doing it for me."

                "We're brothers, and I'm grateful in my heart that you're helping me. But I can't ask you to pay so much!"

                Deng Jun laughed: "Xiao Wu, you don't have to say that to me."

                "I work for the capitalist too!"

                "Here, the capitalist is here, you tell him."

                Deng Jun pointed at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo looked helpless: "You're the only one who can talk nonsense."

                "Xiao Wu, don't listen to him."

                "Xu's Herb Company, which belongs to Xu's Pharmaceutical, that belongs to my wife."

                "I'm leaving it to you to manage, and I'm also relieved for you."

                "Next, I'm going to open another new company in partnership with Deng Jun for other projects."

                "Not only Deng Jun, but also Tiger, will also leave."

                "During these few months, you should first familiarise yourself with the processes of the herb company."

                "Once you've thoroughly mastered it, Deng Jun and Tiger will be able to let go and focus on the new business."

                Only then did Xiao Wu dawn on him and whispered, "Really ...... really?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Of course it's true."

                "For the new project, Deng Jun and I, as well as Tiger, will all contribute a portion of the capital, which will belong to the three of us as a business."

                "We are all shareholders in the business, when the time comes, I'll see who says I'm a capitalist again!"

                Deng Jun laughed, "Well, according to you, I've been promoted to capitalist too?"

                Xiao Wu was overjoyed, "Great! That's great!"

                Xiao Wu said this from the bottom of his heart.

                Deng Jun patted Xiao Wu's shoulder, "Xiao Wu, do a good job."

                "After this year, you can come out later, and we can invest in other projects."

                "Let's work together, the three of us!"

                Xiao Wu nodded his head vigorously.

                Wang Lian looked on with excitement, she was so proud of her husband for having such good friends!

                Lin Mo suddenly said, "By the way, sister-in-law, you have to go to the company too!"

                Wang Lian was shocked: "Me? I ...... I don't know anything."

                "It's fine for me to work in the textile factory, no ...... need to go elsewhere ......"

                Wang Lian has been working in a textile factory all these years, and really, it's quite hard.

                However, Wang Lian was a very easily satisfied person, and she was still very satisfied with her current situation.

                Deng Jun waved his hand, "What a statement!"

                "You are our younger sister-in-law, how can we still let you go to work in a textile factory?"

                Wang Lian still hesitated, "But I ...... I don't know anything."

                "I only know that bit about the textile factory, what can I do at the herb company?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "I trust Xiao Wu to do things."

                "But I'm worried that he's sometimes too kind and easily cheated."

                "After you go, keep an extra eye on him, lest he be taken advantage of!"

                Wang Lian suddenly understood, looked at Xiao Wu and nodded vigorously.

                In Wang Lian's eyes, Xiao Wu was good in every way. However, the point about being too kind was also true.

                Letting him manage a company, it was really easy to be used and cheated!

                When the wedding was over, Lin Mo asked the caravan to send everyone back.

                Xiao Wu and Wang Lian stood at the entrance, smiling as they sent the crowd away.

                When the people were almost gone, a few people slowly moved over from the back.

                On closer inspection, wasn't it Wang Chenggong Wang Ling and the others?

                Wang Lian couldn't help but stare, "You guys ...... why are you here?"

                Wang Chenggong and the others looked embarrassed, they had actually slipped over quietly a long time ago, they were really reluctant.

                After watching the wedding scene, seriously, they were even more regretful.

                This time, they really knew how capable Lin Mo and Deng Jun really were!