Medical Genius Chapter 558

 Wang Lian was also at a loss for words, "Brother Jun, you ...... must not do this."

                "Xu's Herb Company is your heart and soul, it's booming right now, you mustn't do this."

                "We are grateful if you can let Xiao Wu go to work."

                "You know Xiao Wu's situation. It's fine if you can get him to do something easy that will earn money to support the family."

                "We ...... we can't hold the company back ......"

                Deng Jun and Lin Mo looked at each other and smiled, Wang Lian the girl, really good.

                Simple and kind not greedy, this is a very rare quality ah!

                The others are looking at Wang Lian like a fool.

                How could you not want such a good opportunity?

                Of course, more people couldn't figure it out.

                Deng Jun had taken the herb company step by step to this point and had reached the pinnacle.

                Nowadays, when mentioning Deng Jun, who didn't know that he was the medicinal herb king of Guangyang City.

                The herb company had such a high income and was doing so well, why did Deng Jun suddenly give up his position as president?

                Even if he was on good terms with Xiao Wu, he wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

                Such a big company, to just let it go?

                Deng Jun smiled and said, "Xiao Wu's illness is fine, it won't take long to heal."

                "And, next, I have other things to do."

                "On this side of the herb company, there are many things that I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of."

                "Even if Little Five doesn't come back, in three months' time, I will have put down the affairs of the herb company, the difference is just a matter of who will be given the management."

                "Since Little Five has returned, I am most relieved that he will manage the herb company."

                Hearing this, the crowd was suddenly enlightened.

                One of the men laughed, "In that case, President Deng is going to open another big company next?"

                "Chief Deng, can you let me follow and invest some?"

                This man, a partner of Deng Jun's, had a good relationship with him.

                Therefore, he was the only one who dared to ask directly like this.

                Deng Jun laughed: "Old Hou, you don't even know what I'm going to do next, and you're investing?"

                The man also laughed harshly, "As long as it's a project that Mr. Deng is doing, no matter what it is, I will absolutely support it and definitely invest in it."

                "Mr. Deng, what I'm investing in is not your project, what I'm investing in is you as a person!"

                "I believe in you!"

                At these words, the crowd at the scene nodded their heads.

                The crowd had seen Deng Jun's ability.

                Moreover, this wedding today had also allowed the crowd to see Deng Jun's connections.

                Such a person, no matter what he transformed to do, it was basically impossible for him to fail!

                Next, a number of people also clamoured for a follow-on investment.

                Deng Jun nodded with a faint smile, "Alright, thanks for your support, friends."

                "When my project is finalised later, you all can come over and take a look."

                "If you're interested, you can invest a little."

                "No matter what, I've been a medicinal herb company for so long, and it's all because of your friends' support that I've made it this far."

                "Xiao Wu is my friend, and he will take over the herb company in the future. I hope that you all can help him more too."

                "Thank you all!"

                Deng Jun arched his hand towards the crowd.

                The crowd smiled and nodded their heads.

                Now that the business of the herb company was completely on track, the crowd would definitely make money as long as they cooperated with the herb company.

                Under this situation, who would not cooperate with the herb company?

                Zhao Xin and the others standing at the back, after hearing Deng Jun's words, were all simply envious and crazy.

                Xiao Wu hadn't done anything and was about to take charge of such a large herbal company?

                If they had known, they would have been able to get closer to Lin Mo Deng Jun, and they would have been able to get a lot of benefits now.

                The company has more than a billion dollars, and if they take up a random position, it would be a few million dollars a year.

                At this moment, Zhao Xin and the others only hated themselves for their short-sightedness.

                When they were in school, how could they have missed such an opportunity?