Medical Genius Chapter 556

 It was not until all the people in the community had left that Wang Chenggong was let back in.

                He witnessed that wedding motorcade the whole time, the whole time the whole neighbourhood went to the wedding banquet, and he too was nearly devastated.

                Like Wang Ling, he thought that Deng Jun was just rich.

                However, he could never have dreamed that Xiao Wu's friend, who was a friend of Xiao Wu's, would have such a big face.

                Let's not talk about this wedding motorcade today, just the chartering of the Times Hotel alone, that was not something ordinary people could do.

                From this alone, we could see that Xiao Wu's friend was an absolute big shot in Guangyang City.

                However, such a big shot was offended by them, Wang Chenggong really wanted to cry.

                This was really a chance to ascend to the top of the world, and it was ruined by himself.

                When he returned home, he didn't have the energy to argue and sat on the sofa, sulking.

                Wang Ling's three siblings were sitting next to him, all sighing and depressed.

                This time, it was considered that they had completely messed things up.

                Suddenly, the door to the room was slammed open.

                Guangzi, who was covered in blood, ran in and pointed at Wang Ling and cursed, "You defeated bitch, has your head been squeezed by the door?"

                "You ...... you're fucking fine to get me into trouble with them, do you think my life is too long?"

                "Do you have to get me killed to do that?"

                Wang Ling looked embarrassed and whispered, "Honey, I ...... I don't know either."

                Guangzi cursed angrily, "You bitch, do you think I don't know you?"

                "You must be dog-eyed and look down on people again, right?"

                "You deserve to be poor for the rest of your life, you idiot."

                "Forget it, it's a waste of breath for me to say one more word to you."

                "Bring your marriage certificate to Laozi tomorrow, I want a divorce from you!"

                Wang Ling panicked.

                Marrying Guangzi had really satisfied her good-for-nothing personality.

                She didn't have to go out to work during the week, Guangzi earned money and she enjoyed herself at home.

                She was very happy with the marriage and often bragged about her husband in front of her friends.

                If this were to be divorced, then she would have lost everything.

                Wang Chenggong was the same, he had lost his job and if his proud son-in-law was also gone, what would he do in the future?

                "Guangzi, you ...... why are you doing this?"

                "It's just a little setback, talk it over and it's fine, why divorce?"

                "This incident today, it can't all be blamed on Ling Ling."

                "Why don't you guys go back and talk it over, so there's no need for a divorce?"

                Wang Chenggong said with a smile.

                Guangzi cursed, "What's there to talk about?"

                "Do you guys know what kind of people came here just now?"

                "Let me tell you, these people, pulling out any one of them, can easily crush me."

                "Even these people have to be respectful to Xiao Wu's friend, and you are still telling him what to do? Do you think you are stupid?"

                "If I stay with you idiots any longer, I'll be killed by you sooner or later!"

                Guangzi finished and left in a huff with the others.

                Wang Ling sat down on the ground, bawling her eyes out.

                She didn't expect that she would not be able to take revenge this time, but instead she had even lost her husband.

                Wang Chenggong sat straight down on the sofa, he too was dumbfounded.

                Wang Chang stood next to him and murmured in a low voice, "Hey, if only we had supported Lian Lian and Xiao Wu's marriage then, how good it would have been!"

                "Dad, do you think if we go to the Times Hotel now, will they let us in?"

                Wang Chenggong didn't say anything, he was also thinking about this in his mind.

                But, in the end, he gave up on the idea.

                With all the neighbours in the district going, where would they have the face to go to the Times Hotel again?

                When the time came to be thrown out again, would they still have the face to live here in the future?