Medical Genius Chapter 555

 Wang Ling Wang Chang and the others were upstairs watching the situation in the district.

                "What are these people doing? Why is it like a rally?"

                Wang Chang wondered.

                "I heard that it seems like Xiao Wu has asked every household in the neighbourhood to go to his wedding."

                Wang Ling said sourly, she was very unconvinced. When she first got married, it wasn't such a big deal.

                "This Little Five is really stingy!"

                "When he came in this morning and had the cars moved, he gave a thousand to each household, I thought how generous he was."

                "As a result, now it's all about letting people go to the wedding, isn't it still about asking for people's gift money?"

                "Hmph, to put it bluntly, spending that bit of money out, and taking it back in the end."

                "Moreover, the face was earned, this man, he is really shameless!"

                Wang Chang said indignantly.

                Wang Ling nodded her head, "That's not true."

                "This kind of person, how can he do something that is a loss?"

                "It's not good at all for Lian Lian to marry him!"

                Wang Chang and his brother kept nodding their heads, but in fact, their expressions were both a little bitter.

                They knew very well that this was just self-soothing.

                While they were taunting, a neighbour upstairs passed by his door with his child.

                "Hey, Uncle Zhao, didn't you all get in the car just now? Why did you bring the child along again?"

                Wang Chang asked in surprise.

                Uncle Zhao smiled: "I just want to let the child go and see what it's like!"

                Wang Chang was puzzled: "What do you want to see?"

                "It's just a marriage, how many times have we seen it?"

                "There's nothing to see!"

                Uncle Zhao said, "I'm not talking about the wedding, I'm talking about the Times Hotel."

                Wang Chang froze for a moment, "What does this have to do with the Times Hotel?"

                Uncle Zhao was surprised, "Don't you guys know?"

                "This wedding of your sister, it was held at the Times Hotel."

                "That's the Times Hotel, I might not be able to take my kids in there for a walk in my lifetime."

                "Today, I just had the chance, so I thought I'd take the kids over to see it."

                Wang Chang was straightforwardly confused as he stared wide-eyed, "Uncle Zhao, are you ...... you mistaken?"

                "Their wedding, at the Times Hotel?"

                "The Times Hotel, how could they be allowed to have their wedding?"

                "Even if it's the ground floor, that's a lot of money to spend!"

                Uncle Zhao waved his hand, "What ground floor? They've wrapped up the whole Times Hotel, okay!"

                "Today, all nine floors of the Times Hotel are open to wedding attendees."

                Wang Chang was dumbfounded, "Wrapping up the entire Times Hotel?"

                "This ...... how is this possible?"

                "The Times Hotel, that ...... then who can wrap it up?"

                "How much money would that cost?"

                Wang Ling was also dumbfounded and suddenly exclaimed, "Uncle Zhao, that ...... that you go here, how much gift money do you have to hand over ah?"

                "Don't go, they just cheat you out of the gift money!"

                Uncle Zhao was a little annoyed: "Bullshit!"

                "People have said that people from our community don't need to hand over gift money when they go to the wedding this time."

                "The most important thing is that people are there, their hearts are there, and their blessings are there."

                "Besides, it's the Times Hotel, I'd be willing to pay a $10,000 gift!"

                "Alright, I won't talk nonsense with you guys, I have to take the child to the ninth floor of the Times Hotel for a photo shoot later!"

                Uncle Zhao hurriedly ran off with the child in his arms.

                Inside the room, Wang Ling's three siblings looked at each other, completely dumbfounded.

                The taunting words from before were now like slaps in the face one after another, flung at them.

                Inviting the whole neighbourhood and not even asking for a gift, how big a gesture must this be?

                The most crucial thing was that it was a truly unbelievable move to charter the entire Times Hotel!

                It was the Times Hotel, a place that their factory manager had mentioned countless times, the most high-end place in Guangyang City.

                The three Wang Ling siblings really wanted to cry now.

                If they had supported the marriage then, wouldn't they have been able to stand at the top of the Times Hotel and enjoy all this glory?