Medical Genius Chapter 553

 Wang Lian sat in the car and her eyes were moistened when she saw all those neighbours she knew so well had come.

                Her marriage to Xiao Wu was not blessed by her parents.

                She originally thought that she would not even have a decent wedding this time, let alone have her family and friends bless her.

                Unexpectedly, this wedding, surprisingly, was so lavish and sensational.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that so many people came to offer their blessings to her.

                The entire district, those who knew each other and those who didn't, were basically out in force, how big must this wedding be?

                But in fact, the situation was not as simple as Wang Lian had expected.

                After a woman got into the car, she subconsciously asked the driver who was driving, "Brother, where will the banquet be held at noon?"

                "I heard that Xiao Wu's parents invited someone to do it in their own home?"

                "It's not appropriate to eat at home in this heat, is it?"

                The driver said without looking back, "How can we do it at home."

                "Our boss has chartered the Times Hotel!"

                "The wedding, right here at the Times Hotel, the whole Times Hotel, is the only one doing this wedding today."

                The woman couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, "Great, just don't eat at home."

                "Look at this big sun, who can stand it?"

                At this moment, a man next to the woman was stunned and said urgently, "Wait a minute, big brother, what ...... are you saying?"

                "Where ...... is the banquet being held?"

                The driver said, "The Times Hotel ah!"

                The man was dumbfounded: "The Times Hotel? Which Times Hotel?"

                The driver gave him a surprised look, "How many Times Hotels are there in Guangyang City?"

                "Isn't that the only one?"

                The man froze for a while and suddenly said, "Brother driver, wait for me, I ...... have forgotten something."

                "Wait for me, I'll go upstairs and come down in two minutes!"

                The man said, hurriedly jumped out of the car and ran furiously all the way upstairs.

                The woman bristled beside him, "This old Liu, really."

                "The motorcade is almost gone, what are you going upstairs to get now?"

                "Hmph, I reckon, just going to get the plastic bags, ready to pack a meal for lunch, he's always like that."

                The driver was not amused.

                After a while, I just saw the man from earlier, Lao Liu, panting and running down.

                Following him, there was a woman with two children.

                The woman's eyes widened, "Wow, Lao Liu, what are you doing?"

                Old Liu hemmed and hawed, "It's not the weekend."

                "I thought I'd take the kids out for the afternoon."

                "It's quite hard for my wife to stay home alone with the kids."

                "So, I ...... I'm going to take them along here."

                "Brother driver, sorry to keep you waiting ah."

                Old Liu said, greeting his wife and children in the car by the way.

                Luckily, there were many cars at the scene, and soon, arrangements were made for his wife and children as well.

                As for Old Liu, he went back inside this car and continued to sit down.

                The woman sat next to him and stared straight at him, whispering, "Old Liu, tell me the truth, you're not taking the children out this afternoon, are you?"

                "You used to go to the banquet, you always went alone."

                "What is this today? How much money are you going to hand over for a gift and just take the whole family with you, huh?"

                Old Liu looked slightly embarrassed and quietly glanced at the driver.

                Seeing that the driver wasn't paying attention to them, Old Liu immediately whispered, "What the hell do you know."

                "This wedding is being held at the Times Hotel, the Times Hotel, do you know?"

                "It's the hotel that our factory director used to brag about going to twice."

                "The highest-end hotel in Guangyang City, the factory manager used to go, at most, to the first floor."

                "Those of us, I'll give you that seriously, we won't necessarily have the chance to go in in this lifetime."

                "This time the wedding has the site all wrapped up, I said I had to bring my wife and kids over to see it."

                "What's a gift? I'll tell you what, it's worth 10,000 to go there!"