Medical Genius Chapter 552

 Wang Ling stood by the window, watching this caravan coming and going below, her whole body was frozen.

                She originally thought that Brother Fire was the one who came to pick up the bride, after all, this was a real big shot.

                However, who would have thought that Brother Fire was just a venue cleaner?

                To put it in polite terms, Brother Fire was like a pawn at the head of the line.

                It was the real bigwigs who came behind to receive the bride.

                What kind of a big shot would run off to clear the venue?

                Wang Ling was really close to collapse!

                She had previously thought that Xiao Wu only knew a rich man like Deng Jun, and that it was no big deal.

                What can you do if you're rich? My husband is the local snake in this area, even if you are rich, even a strong dragon can't suppress a local snake!

                However, now she realized that the situation on Xiao Wu's side was not just as simple as a Deng Jun.

                Even a big shot like Brother Fire could only come over to clean up the venue, so what kind of big shot must the person behind the wedding be?

                Wang Ling was also remorseful in her heart.

                If they had agreed to Xiao Wu and Wang Lian's marriage, wouldn't they have been able to hook up with these bigwigs?

                As long as he was willing to help them, her husband would have been able to walk around.

                As a result, things have come to this point, and she doesn't have to think about these things anymore.

                The wedding convoy stopped inside the community, and only then did the people in the community notice that there were many cars in this convoy.

                There were more than fifty cars driving into the community, all of them luxury cars, none of them below two million.

                The people in the neighbourhood were dazzled, this was a luxury car show!

                After the cars stopped, inside the Rolls Royce at the front, Xiao Wu walked out of it with flowers in his hand.

                He had an excited expression, this wedding was something he had never dreamed of.

                Before, it was difficult to find a BMW, but today, the wedding convoy turned out to be like this.

                The most crucial thing was that the wedding convoy had so many cars, and there were more than a hundred cars following on the road to block the road.

                Along the way, it attracted the attention of countless people.

                Even in a big city like Guangyang City, no one had ever seen a convoy of this size!

                Accompanied by Lin Mo and Deng Jun, Xiao Wu walked to the entrance of Wang Lian's house.

                Wang Ling and her two brothers had long since huddled inside the house, not daring to come out.

                Wang Chenggong had been dragged away by Brother Fire's men.

                So, no one even bothered with the marriage anymore.

                Wang Lian's mother opened the door of the room and happily welcomed the crowd into the house.

                The people chatted for a while and went through some rituals, and Lin Mo handed another bank card to Wang Lian's mother.

                The bank card contained one million dollars, which was the bride price that had been agreed upon.

                Wang Lian's mother repeatedly excused herself from it, but it was stiffly shoved into Lin Mo's hand.

                This money, Lin Mo mainly wanted to buy a peace of mind.

                He could see that Wang Chenggong, Wang Ling and Wang Chang were the kind of people who were insatiable.

                Don't look at the fact that they were now at loggerheads with Xiao Wu, they would definitely find ways to come to Xiao Wu for favours in the future.

                It would be better to just give the one million dollar bride price, so that if they want to come to Xiao Wu again, they will have an excuse to refuse them.

                After everything was taken care of, Xiao Wu picked Wang Lian up in the wedding car.

                However, the wedding car at the scene did not leave straight away.

                Lao Hu and the others had already led people and gone to the various households inside this community, inviting them to attend Xiao Wu's wedding.

                Many of these people were known to Xiao Wu's parents.

                They were originally reluctant to attend the wedding, after all, Xiao Wu's parents had fallen on hard times.

                However, when they saw the wedding caravan below, they immediately wanted to come to the wedding.

                No matter what, it would be easier to get acquainted and ask for help in the future.

                So, when Tiger brought people to them, all these people immediately agreed to come.

                Each family sent at least one person as a representative to attend the wedding.