Medical Genius Chapter 551

 Wang Ling had originally thought that her husband was very capable and had casually found more than twenty people who would definitely be able to solve this matter.

                She never dreamed that a random person from across the street would crush her husband.

                And as if he had done something very ordinary, Brother Fire simply ignored Mitsuko and the others and directly commanded the crowd, telling them to clear the place.

                Those of Fire's men went door to door and told them to move the vehicles and things underneath.

                These people initially had some complaints and were not too willing to move their things.

                However, Brother Fire was quick enough to ask the people to go up directly with the money.

                They were given a thousand dollars for moving their things.

                This time, the whole neighbourhood acted up.

                No matter what was placed downstairs, they all scrambled to move it away.

                In less than half an hour, the roads underneath this block were all clear and unobstructed.

                At the same time, the whole neighbourhood was shocked by Brother Fire's masterstroke.

                Almost everyone was standing by the windows, looking out in amazement.

                "What are these people doing? Such a big deal, to move something and give a thousand dollars to each family?"

                "No, there are more than two hundred families living in our neighbourhood. It's going to cost more than 200,000 just to move things around!"

                "Wow, just to clear the road, what's the point? In fact, if we talk about it properly, we can move things!"

                "Oh, you don't get it, 200,000 or so, that's just pocket money for rich people!"

                "I heard it seems that Old Wang's family is marrying their daughter, and these people are here to receive the bride."

                "Oh my God, Lao Wang's daughter, is she marrying a billionaire? Look at those cars down there, they're all luxury cars!"

                The crowd was chattering, all full of envy.

                Previously, when Wang Ling got married, it was quite a spectacular event.

                However, in this neighbourhood, Wang Ling was not the most spectacular, she could only be considered as a middle to upper class.

                But this time, the spectacle was enough to shock everyone.

                Especially those girls who were not yet married were all full of envy, secretly fantasising in their hearts.

                How wonderful it would be if they could have this kind of pomp and circumstance when they got married!

                However, it wasn't over yet.

                Just as the crowd was discussing the wedding caravan below, something unexpected happened.

                After vacating the site, Brother Fire and the others drove straight out of the neighbourhood.

                This time, the crowd was confused.

                "What's the situation?"

                "They had vacated the site, how come the caravan ran away?"

                "It's not possible that this wedding has blown up, is it?"

                "You don't say, it's really possible. I heard that Old Wang had a big fight with someone yesterday!"

                "Has Old Wang gone mad? His daughter is so well married, what's he got to do with someone?"

                Just as the crowd was talking, a sound of firecrackers suddenly came from outside.

                Immediately afterwards, an open-top sports car roared into the neighbourhood.

                On top of this sports car sat a man with a camera on his shoulder, filming towards the back.

                The crowd looked over with wide eyes, only to see a fleet of cars slowly pulling into the neighbourhood.

                "Oh my god, a Rolls Royce!"

                "This wedding car is so awesome!"

                "What kind of car is that? Why does it look so handsome?"

                "Nonsense, of course it's handsome! That's a Lamborghini, know?"

                "What kind of fleet is this ......? Where did you get so many luxury cars?"

                "Is this the wedding motorcade? Then what was the previous convoy for?"

                "Do you still need to ask? The previous motorcade came in to clear the venue. This convoy is the one that's really here to pick up the bride!"

                "Oh my god, the convoy that came in to clear the venue is so luxurious?"

                The whole neighbourhood was abuzz, and everyone was shocked by the scene.

                Inside this wedding convoy, pulling out a random car was something that most of them would never see in their lifetime.

                And now, all of them were gathered here, the level of luxury of this wedding, the crowd simply couldn't even imagine it!