Medical Genius Chapter 550

 The tattooed man was none other than Brother Fire.

                He glanced at Mitsuko and thought he looked familiar, but then he didn't know where he had seen him before.

                However, he ignored it and said angrily, "What are you doing standing still?"

                "Why don't you hurry up and do something?"

                At this moment, the driver at the head of the group turned his head and said in a deep voice, "Brother Fire, we've been here for a long time."

                "But this group of people came up and beat us up, not letting us do anything."

                "They also said that the marriage could not be settled today."

                "Not only that, they even spoke rudely to Mr. Lin!"

                Guangzi froze and stammered, "You guys ...... you work for Brother Fire?"

                The driver ignored him.

                Brother Fire, however, was annoyed and directly flung the car door open, running over aggressively and growling, "Fuck, who the hell is so bold as to speak out against Mr. Lin?"

                Seeing Brother Fire approaching, Guangzi shivered in fear and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Fire, this ...... is all a misunderstanding."

                "I ...... didn't know this matter had anything to do with you, I'm sorry ...... Brother Fire, you give me a chance ......"

                Fire didn't even hear him out, and threw a backhanded slap at his face.

                "Get the hell out of here!"

                "What are you, and you dare ask me to give you a chance?"

                "Damn it, today is a big day, I don't want to get angry, you have to force me to get angry, don't you?"

                "Even Mr. Lin dares to scold you, if I don't tame you today, how can I explain to Mr. Lin?"

                "Men, arrest all these bastards and don't let any of them go!"

                "If any of them can stand today, I'll settle the score with you!"

                Brother Fire's men dared not hesitate and hurriedly ran over, directly surrounding Guangzi's group.

                At this moment, Wang Chenggong just happened to walk here, and when he saw this situation, he was also a little confused.

                "Guangzi, out ...... what happened ......," Wang Chenggong asked in a small voice.

                Guangzi was on the verge of tears as he said in a trembling voice, "What exactly have you ...... offended?"

                "Why is Brother Fire all running here?"

                Wang Chenggong was bewildered, "What Brother Fire?"

                Guangzi was almost going crazy: "You don't even know about Brother Fire?"

                "A famous big shot in Guangyang City, even my dad, when he sees him, he has to be respectful."

                "You ...... what kind of person have you provoked?"

                Wang Chenggong was confused, he originally thought that Deng Jun was only capable in business.

                When it came to these fights and killings, it was definitely not as good as Guangzi.

                Who would have thought that he would have provoked such a big shot.

                He lowered his head and dared not speak, and even, quietly stepped backwards, wanting to leave this place of right and wrong.

                However, he had not taken a few steps when he was stopped by Fire's men.

                "Big brother, this ...... matter has nothing to do with me. ......"

                Wang Chenggong said in a hurry.

                Guangzi was instantly annoyed, "Bullshit!"

                "You old beast, you're the one who told Laozi to come."

                "Brother Fire, this matter really has nothing to do with me, I don't even know what's going on."

                "This old thing told me to bring people over, I ...... really didn't mean to antagonise you."

                Brother Fire waved his hand impatiently, "All of you give me a fight!"

                Those men of Brother Fire were just about to make a move when Wang Chenggong hurriedly said, "Don't fight, don't fight, I ...... am Xiao Wu's father-in-law."

                "He's here to marry my daughter today!"

                Brother Fire froze for a moment, he didn't know what was going on over here.

                After thinking for a moment, Fire waved his hand and said, "Take this old guy aside first."

                "Investigate later, if he's Little Five's father-in-law, forget it."

                "If not, damn it, break his dog's legs and knock his mouth full of teeth out for me!"

                Several people rushed over and dragged Wang Chenggong away without a word.

                As for Guangzi and the others, it was useless to cry and beg, they were dragged to the back alley by Brother Fire's men and cleaned up severely.

                Upstairs, Wang Ling saw this scene and only shuddered in fear.

                Her previous arrogance was all turned into fear at this moment.