Medical Genius Chapter 549

 Early the next morning, Guangzi ran to Wang Chenggong's house with more than twenty men.

                Wang Chenggong also got up early in the morning, and looking at Wang Lian who was packing up, he angrily went over and threw all her things away.

                "No need to pack up, you don't want to get married today!"

                "Raising you so much, you don't know how to be filial, and you're helping outsiders to harm me?"

                "I'm telling you, when I'm done with this trash thing, see how I'll clean you up!"

                Wang Chenggong scolded angrily and threw Wang Lian's things all over the floor before he left in a high spirited manner.

                He took a few boxes of cigarettes and ran over to Guangzi's side, handing them out to his brothers one by one, his face full of sarcastic smiles.

                "Brothers, I'm going to trouble you today."

                "Those bastards, they're just too bullying!"

                "Not only did they beat me, they even beat Ling Ling, they can't be spared today no matter what!"

                Guangzi's brothers roared, "Damn it, how dare you hit your sister-in-law? Is he looking for death?"

                "Let's kill them!"

                "I want to see who has the guts to do that."

                "Guard the exits of the district later, don't let them escape!"

                The crowd was shouting and arrogant.

                Wang Ling stood beside her, full of complacency, "Just those few loser friends of Xiao Wu, they still want to fight with my husband?"

                "Hmph, hitting a stone with an egg, not measuring up to yourself!"

                Around nine o'clock, a few small cars drove into the neighbourhood first.

                There were balloons hanging on top of the cars, they should be the cars that picked up the bride.

                Guangzi stood on the upper floor and took a look, slightly surprised: "Heh, also found a few Mercedes as wedding cars ah."

                Wang Chenggong didn't say anything, he didn't dare to tell Guangzi about Deng Jun, worried that Guangzi wouldn't help him.

                Wang Ling waved her hand straight away, "Whatever Mercedes and BMW's he has, they are no match for us back then."

                "Honey, you have to avenge me later on, no matter what you say!"

                Guangzi nodded, "Don't worry."

                "Since I'm here, they won't be able to escape today!"

                "Brothers, let's go, follow me downstairs!"

                The group rushed down after Guangzi in a raging manner.

                Wang Chenggong followed behind, his face full of triumph.

                Immediately after those few Mercedes-Benzes pulled in, several people got out of the cars and were catching up on what was going on.

                Guangzi arrived with a group of people in a rage and kicked the car directly in the front, cursing angrily, "Damn, whose car is this?"

                "Who the fuck told you to park here?"

                Several drivers were bewildered, and one of them said, "What's the matter, man?"

                "We're here to help with someone's wedding today."

                "What's wrong with stopping here?"

                Mitsuko glared, "Nonsense, of course it's wrong!"

                "I'm telling you guys, this wedding today, it doesn't have to be done."

                "Come on, come on, all of you, squat on the side."

                "Who the fuck is Lin Mo? Stand out!"

                "How dare you meddle in my affairs, do you want to live?"

                Only now did this group of drivers realise that they were here to cause trouble.

                The driver at the head of the group frowned and said, "Brother, give me some face."

                "Today's wedding, it's a big celebration, you ......"

                Guangzi threw a slap at the driver's face, "Laozi gives you face, can you afford it?"

                The driver was a little dazed by the blow, and several people next to him were immediately fired up and rushed up.

                "What are you doing?"

                "Do you want to fight?"

                Guangzi laughed: "You bunch of ungrateful things, still want to resist?"

                "Do you think I'm too kind?"

                "Damn it, give me a fight!"

                The men next to Guangzi immediately surrounded him.

                At that moment, a dozen more cars came in front of the compound.

                A tattooed man got out of the car in the lead and said loudly, "What are you doing?"

                "I asked you to do something small, haven't you done it yet?"

                "The caravan will be here in a few minutes, how will the caravan get in if you guys don't clear the area?"

                Guangzi took one look at him and his face changed and he said in a trembling voice, "Fire ...... Brother Fire!?"