Medical Genius Chapter 548

 Xiao Wu's mother couldn't help but say, "Uncle Fan, are all these ...... cars this powerful?"

                Uncle Fan nodded his head: "No!"

                "Let me tell you this, I'm also considered a person with a head and a face, who has seen the world."

                "But in my life, I've never seen so many luxury cars gathered together."

                "There are quite a few cars in here, the kind that an ordinary person would never see in their lifetime."

                "Cars under two million, I basically can't even see them."

                Xiao Wu's parents were stunned, they really couldn't understand what Lin Mo was capable of, that he could gather so many luxury cars together ah.

                After a long silence, Xiao Wu's father said in a trembling voice, "Uncle Fan, to ...... want you to help us pick?"

                "We both really don't know anything about these ah."

                Uncle Fan nodded his head and did not push back, personally turned around a few times and finally chose some cars to stay.

                As for the other cars, they didn't drive away either, and remained here.

                According to them, they wouldn't be leaving today.

                They were getting married tomorrow, and the chosen wedding car was to pick up the bride.

                As for the other cars, they stayed to seal the road so that the wedding caravan would not be affected.

                These overbearing words made even Uncle Fan look shocked.

                These people were really overbearing in what they did, to have a wedding and have the road closed?

                However, when you think about it, such a wedding is only domineering enough!

                In the afternoon, Tiger Fang himself brought his men over.

                As soon as he entered, he yelled, "Brother Jun, you're so ungrateful."

                "So many goods for me to see alone, it's tiring enough for me."

                This guy had wanted to come over in the morning, but there were several shipments due to arrive at the time. He and Deng Jun, one of them had to be over there to keep an eye on it.

                Deng Jun definitely had to come over, so Tiger was sacrificed and stayed there to keep an eye on the goods all day.

                Deng Jun laughed loudly, "Don't you tell me that, turn around and let the bride and groom toast you with a few more glasses of wine."

                Tiger immediately said, "That's a good feeling."

                "This new couple toast, drink more and have more."

                The crowd laughed loudly.

                With Tiger here, all the previous Fire Brothers and Boat Masters were even more honest.

                Under Tiger's unified command, the crowd took care of everything and waited for the wedding to take place the next day.

                Wang Chenggong's house.

                After Lin Mo left, Wang Chenggong dropped almost all the dishes in the house.

                However, angry as he was, he still didn't dare to force Wang Lian not to marry.

                He could not help it, who had his hand in the hands of others!

                In the evening, a bald man entered Wang Chenggong's house.

                This bald man was none other than Wang Ling's husband, Guangzi.

                As soon as he entered, he immediately asked with a dark face, "What the hell is going on?"

                "Who the hell said that I cut corners on my project?"

                As soon as he saw Guangzi, Wang Chenggong acted as if he had seen a saviour and immediately told him what had happened before.

                Especially the matter of Lin Mo, he added more fuel to the fire.

                As for Deng Jun's identity, he selectively ignored it.

                If Mitsuko knew that Deng Jun was so rich, Mitsuko might not dare to go after him ah.

                The most crucial thing now was to fool Mitsuko first and get him to bring back that evidence.

                After hearing this, Guangzi was so angry that he thundered, "Damn son of a bitch, this grandson has a lot of guts, how dare he come to mess with Laozi?"

                "He didn't even go out and ask around, what kind of a character I, Guangzi, really am!"

                "Fuck, if I don't give him a show this time, he'll think I'm easy to bully!"

                A furious scolding was heard by Wang Chenggong.

                "Guangzi, the most crucial thing now is to shut these people up and get that evidence back."

                "Otherwise, if they really check that there is something wrong with your project and undermine you behind your back, that could be troublesome!"

                Wang Chenggong whispered.

                Guangzi nodded his head repeatedly, "You're right."

                "OK, they are coming to pick up the marriage tomorrow right."

                "I'll call all the brothers tomorrow and wait right here."

                "Son of a b*tch, I'll let him get in but not out!"