Medical Genius Chapter 547

 The people of the village yelled and tried to enter the house to help, but, as a result, they were stopped outright by Deng Jun.

                These mercenary villains, Deng Jun didn't even let them in the door.

                Before, when you were needed, you didn't come.

                Now that you are no longer needed, you all come to help, do you really think others are stupid?

                Of course, Deng Jun also made a note of the few people who came over early to help.

                These people, who came to help Xiao Wu's family at the most difficult time, were not easy to do.

                In the future, he would have to thank them.

                Of all the people in the village, Uncle Fan was the happiest.

                He was the local snake in the village, and he was a nice person who liked to help people.

                However, he had no friendship with Xiao Wu's family.

                At that time, he had only come over to go through the motions and ask if there was anything he could do to help.

                He had originally planned to help if it was a hand up, so he did. If it was more trouble, he would just ignore it.

                Unexpectedly, he came across Lin Mo.

                He was quite resourceful and immediately asked his son to bring someone over to help.

                It can be said that the wedding scene in this house was set up by Fan Zi with his people.

                Previously, Fan Zi was still a bit unhappy, thinking that Uncle Fan was being too respectful to Lin Mo, who was just a doctor.

                However, seeing the current scene, Fan Zi was completely convinced.

                Lin Mo was not simply a doctor, was he?

                Which of those people outside were not much better than him?

                These people had personally come to help, so what could he say?

                Moreover, he was glad that he was close to the water this time.

                With this incense, he might have a better chance to develop in the future!

                Fan Zi saw the gesture and immediately followed Xiao Wu's side.

                Disguised as the most loyal lapdog, he helped Xiao Wu run before and after.

                Fan Zi was very smart, he knew that he could not get along with a big shot like Lin Mo Deng Jun.

                As long as he followed Xiao Wu, would he be afraid of not having any opportunities in the future?

                Of course, if Binzi saw this, then he would definitely cry faint.

                He was Xiao Wu's old cousin, and helping Xiao Wu out with things that should have been his job.

                As a result, because of his arrogance and hubris, it turned out to be Fan Zi helping out on this side.

                Such a good opportunity, he was just giving it up to Fan Zi!

                As for Uncle Fan, he was happily following Xiao Wu's parents around as if they were long-time friends, helping them pick out a wedding car.

                Xiao Wu's parents didn't know much about cars, and their heads got big as they looked at the hundreds of cars that were densely packed in the village.

                Uncle Fan followed beside them, "This wedding is no small matter, it must be done beautifully."

                "The wedding car fleet, it has to be chosen well."

                "Especially the head car, it's crucial."

                "Old Zheng, take a look, what do you like, let me help you with advice?"

                Xiao Wu's parents looked left and right, their faces flushed, how could they know anything about this!

                After a long silence, the two of them looked at each other, and Xiao Wu's father mustered up the courage to say, "That, there ...... is no BMW ah?"

                "When we talked to Old Wang about this before, Old Wang said that a BMW would be good as a wedding car."

                Uncle Fan immediately laughed: "Lao Zheng ah, what are you thinking?"

                "Take a look, here, where's a BMW?"

                Xiao Wu's father was confused, there were so many cars, but not even a BMW?

                Uncle Fan said, "Old Zheng, let me tell you this."

                "Any car pulled out of here is much better than that BMW you're talking about."

                "Look, the worst thing in here is that Porsche."

                "Towards the back, just the Rolls Royce, there are five of them."

                "Behind that Lamborghini, Ferrari, row upon row."

                "Who BMW comes over at this time, that's not hitting Mr. Lin in the face?"

                Xiao Wu's parents were wide-eyed, how could they have imagined that these cars, were so luxurious!