Medical Genius Chapter 545

 Binzi was bewildered, how come even his own big brother had come?

                "Brother Fang, what are you ...... looking for Xiao Wu for?"

                Binzi was much more honest this time and instead asked tentatively first.

                "Oh, it's Master Zhou who asked us to come over and deliver Xiao Wu's car."

                "It's said that Xiao Wu is getting married tomorrow and may need a wedding car, so we're all here."

                "Master Zhou is also in the car at the back."

                "Alright, cut the crap, do you know where Xiao Wu lives?"

                Xiao Fang said back.

                Binzi was almost vomiting blood, he knew Master Zhou, that was a big man even more powerful than Brother Fire.

                How could even such a big shot come to help Xiao Wu deliver the wedding car?

                What the hell was going on here?

                "Brother Fang, does Master Zhou know Xiao Wu?"

                "Why did he even come to deliver a wedding car for him?"

                Binzi asked reluctantly.

                Xiao Fang returned, "It's said that it's a big shot from the city, Master Tiger from South Street, who explained it down."

                "Not only that, even Chen Shengyuan arranged it himself."

                "Think about it, how much face does Master Tiger have in Guangyang City, not to mention Chen Shengyuan."

                "What they explained, half of the local snakes in Guangyang City have acted."

                Binzi was dumbfounded.

                Whether it was Master Tiger or Chen Shengyuan, they were both big shots that he couldn't get in touch with.

                Chen Shengyuan was just as good, focusing on business these years, rarely showing his face, and there were more legends about him out there.

                What is really scary is the South Street Tiger Master, who is now a real big shot.

                It is said that even many of the things that Nanba Tian does now are done with the help of Master Tiger.

                Such a big man personally ordered down, how much face did Xiao Wu have?

                "Xiao Wu is my old cousin, I ...... how come I didn't know he knew so many big shots?"

                Binzi couldn't help but say.

                Xiao Fang's eyes widened, "Really?"

                "You kid, real people don't show their faces!"

                "Is Xiao Wu really your old cousin?"

                Binzi nodded, "Yes, his mother is my third aunt!"

                Xiao Fang immediately gave him a punch, "Damn, you're going to be rich!"

                "I heard that this time, it seems to be arranged by a person called Mr. Lin."

                "This Mr. Lin, is Xiao Wu's iron buddy."

                "Tiger, now mainly helps Mr. Lin."

                "Your old cousin knows such a big shot, you kid, you're definitely going to rise to the top in the future!"

                "Don't forget me when the time comes!"

                Xiao Fang's voice was trembling with excitement, these big shots were the ones he could never dream of touching.

                Binzi was almost crying now.

                If he had known that Lin Mo was so capable, he should have clung to Lin Mo's thighs just now.

                Now, he had offended someone and it was impossible for him to go back and apologise.

                Now he wanted to die here.

                If he had been able to get on Lin Mo's good side, he would have been much better than Xiao Fang with Xiao Wu's connections alone.

                A good hand of cards had been played by himself, he really wanted to cry without tears.

                "You kid, what are you dumbfounded about?"

                "Hurry up and take us to your old cousin."

                Fang urged.

                Binzi forced himself to hold back his heartache and told Brother Fang the location.

                "Brother Fang, you guys go over there first, I ...... have a stomachache and I need to take some medicine."

                Brother Fang looked bewildered, "Stomach pain?"

                "Appendicitis, right?"

                "You kid, come over quickly later."

                "You have to introduce me to Mr. Lin, or at least introduce me to your old cousin."

                "I've helped you so much before, now that you have the chance, don't forget about me, brother!"

                Fang muttered, but Binzi didn't dare to say a word and almost fled.

                All he wanted to do now was to hurry up and find somewhere to hide, preferably out of the city.

                If Brother Fang knew that he had offended Lin Mo, then Brother Fang would probably be the first to get him killed!