Medical Genius Chapter 542

 Xiao Wu's parents came back to their senses and exclaimed, "You ...... you're Jun Zi?"

                "Aiya, we haven't seen you for a few years, you ...... have changed so much that we didn't even recognize you."

                Deng Jun laughed loudly.

                At this time, Lin Mo and Xiao Wu also got down from the car.

                Only then did the crowd realize that the original Deng Jun had gone over to help Xiao Wu a long time ago.

                Binzi hurriedly greeted them and smiled sarcastically, "Brother Jun, it's been a long time."

                "I'm Binzi, do you still remember me?"

                Deng Jun had just heard what this Binzi had done on the road and naturally didn't have a good face for him.

                "I remember!"

                "When I was at school, I ran to the school all day to borrow money from Xiao Wu."

                "What, your brother got married and you got a Passat to help him pick up the wedding, huh?"

                "How can you stand up to your brother and your third aunt?"

                Deng Jun said indignantly.

                Binzi looked embarrassed, but didn't dare to say anything.

                Not to mention the fact that Uncle Fan was here, and that Deng Jun was now driving a Porsche, he was not someone he could mess with.

                Uncle Fan also greeted him and smiled, "Aiyo, this is a nice car."

                "Xiao Wu, it looks like I won't have to borrow this head car for you."

                "That car at my house, it really can't hold its own either."

                Xiao Wu blushed slightly and said in a low voice, "Thank you Uncle Fan for worrying about it."

                Uncle Fan quickly waved his hand, "Oh, it's all right!"

                "Tomorrow, we'll use this car as the head car, it'll be very dignified to pick up the bride."

                "I'll come over early, we have to make this wedding a grand affair!"

                Xiao Wu's parents were also very happy.

                The two of them were really worried about the wedding.

                The family had no money, so they had to make do with a lot of things.

                However, the wedding car was a matter of face for both sides, so they begged Binzi for a long time before he agreed to help them borrow a car.

                As a result, they borrowed a Passat, which they both felt they could not afford.

                Now, with a Porsche as the head car, and Uncle Fan's promise to help find a few BMWs, the convoy could be arranged, and a big stone finally fell from their hearts.

                Who knows, but Deng Jun waved his hand: "This car can't be the wedding car!"

                Hearing this, all the people around were stunned.

                Binzi's eyes also lit up, this Deng Jun was probably just a driver who drove his boss's car over, so he didn't dare to let this car be the wedding car?

                Thinking of this, Binzi's eyes burst with resentment.

                You're just a driver, who are you to sneer at me?

                "What, your boss has something to do tomorrow and needs a car, huh?"

                Binzi immediately mocked.

                The expressions of the people around them as they looked at Deng Jun also changed.

                Was this just a driver?

                Driving a luxury car over here and acting like a big boss, this is too vain, right?

                Deng Jun ignored him and said directly, "How can you be so shabby when Xiao Wu is getting married?"

                "I've already contacted the caravan, it'll probably be here soon."

                "Uncle and aunt, don't worry."

                "This wedding thing, just leave it to me."

                The crowd was stunned, this Deng Jun was talking too wildly, right?

                A Porsche Paramela as a wedding car is still shabby?

                Then what kind of fleet do you need to have to make it not shabby?

                Binzi looked unconvinced: "Brother Jun has been out there for a few years, other than that, his bragging skills have grown."

                "Porsche Paramela, this is the top of the line, almost three million."

                "This car is shabby even for a wedding car? What are you going to use as a wedding car? A Rolls Royce?"

                The people around also laughed, a three million dollar luxury car, how can you say it's shabby?

                This Deng Jun, he was too good at bragging!

                However, before Deng Jun could say anything, a man suddenly ran in from outside and exclaimed as soon as he entered the door, "Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, you guys should go out and take a look."

                "There's a caravan coming from the village entrance, saying it's looking for your family."

                "It's blocking all the roads in our village, go and have a look quickly!"