Medical Genius Chapter 541

 As soon as they walked out of Wang's house and got into the car, Xiao Wu lost his voice and cried out in pain.

                "Linzi, Junzi, thank you!"

                Xiao Wu said in a trembling voice, his face full of gratitude.

                Lin Mo and Deng Jun looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

                Lin Mo: "You brat, why are you still saying thank you to us?"

                "Back when I was in school, if it wasn't for you helping me all day, I don't think I would have lasted long."

                "Come on, you're getting married tomorrow, don't cry and cry."

                Xiao Wu nodded vigorously and dried the tears on her face, but then said worriedly, "Lin Zi, do you think, after this mess, how will Lian Lian and her mother's family get along in the future?"

                Lin Mo said with a straight face, "With such a maternal family, how well do you still expect them to treat younger siblings?"

                "Don't you see? That Wang Chenggong, and her brother and sister, are completely treating her like a commodity."

                "In order to move up the ladder, they even went so far as to marry her off to an idiot."

                "What warmth is there in a family like that?"

                "Really, if we can still get along, that's what's going to cause trouble in the future."

                "Can you stand it when they go after you every now and then, asking for money and things?"

                "This time, I'm deliberately making a big deal out of it, so that they can't go after you in future, and so that you and your sister-in-law can live in peace!"

                Xiao Wu nodded slowly, after today's incident, he was really desperate for Wang Chenggong's family too.

                This family, with the exception of Wang Lian's mother, were all too hateful.

                When Xiao Wu was dropped off at home, the yard was busy.

                Uncle Fan was sitting in the yard directing, busier than even Xiao Wu's parents.

                Because after Lin Mo left, he found that Xiao Wu's mother's health was getting better and better, and this made him even more shocked at Lin Mo's medical skills.

                He went out of his way to help Lin Mo with all his might in order to befriend him.

                Just now, when Lin Mo asked him to help stop Wang Ling's husband, without saying a word, he immediately sent his son to do the job.

                If it were any other day, he would not have done such a thing to offend people.

                However, now that Lin Mo had ordered it, he had to go and do it no matter what.

                It had to be said that this Uncle Fan was indeed a very shrewd character.

                At least, this time, the matter was done properly, to Lin Mo's satisfaction.

                Binzi was still in the courtyard, helping to set up.

                Now he was much more honest and his work was much more down-to-earth.

                Moreover, he could see that no one here treated him well.

                However, he was not willing to leave like that either.

                He could tell that Lin Mo was not simple and he planned to stay here and help until the end to see if he could get some benefits or something.

                He was busy when he suddenly saw a Paramela drive up to the door and he was taken aback.

                He rushed into the courtyard, "Third Aunt, Third Aunt, look, who's out there?"

                "It's a luxury car, it's expensive!"

                "It's not one of Xiao Wu's other classmates, is it?"

                "Xiao Wu's classmates, they're really something!"

                Binzi said, with an envious look on his face.

                Uncle Fan and the others also saw the cars outside and were all shocked.

                Although Uncle Fan was relatively prestigious in this area, his family's assets were actually only in the tens of millions.

                This kind of luxury car was also something they could not afford to drive.

                The crowd was all shocked, this family usually looked so penniless, could they even know such rich people?

                Xiao Wu's parents also greeted them and when they saw Deng Jun, the first one to get out of the car, they couldn't help but freeze.

                This person, they did not know ah.

                "This gentleman, you ...... have you gone to the wrong place?"

                Xiao Wu's father asked cautiously.

                The others all breathed a sigh of relief, so they didn't know each other.

                Deng Jun laughed harshly, "Uncle, you forgot?"

                "I'm Deng Jun ah, the Junzi who used to follow Xiao Wu around the house all the time to dine!"

                At these words, everyone was shocked.

                Sure enough, it was another friend of Xiao Wu's!

                Just how many big shots had this Little Five known?

                The previous Lin Mo, and now Deng Jun, were not simple.

                Little Five, who normally looked like a loser, had so many capable friends?