Medical Genius Chapter 540

 With one sentence, Wang Chenggong was left speechless.

                He was a standard snob, and extremely patriarchal.

                He wouldn't care about his daughter's happiness at all, he only wanted to use her to get better conditions for himself and for his two sons.

                In the past, when Xiao Wu's family was well off, of course he was eager for his daughter to marry Xiao Wu.

                Later, when Xiao Wu's family was down and out, he was reluctant to do so. He wanted to marry his daughter to that idiot in exchange for a chance to move up the ladder himself.

                But how could he have imagined that Xiao Wu's two friends would have such skills.

                He looked pitifully at Wang Lian, but she simply turned her head to the side and did not meet his eyes.

                When Wang Chenggong had told her to go to hell earlier, she had already despaired of this father.

                Now, she just wanted to leave this family that could not feel the slightest warmth.

                As for Wang Ling, she was now in a panic of her own, so how could she care about anything else.

                Wang Chenggong was completely honest, and he said pitifully, "Then ...... what do you want?"

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Your daughter and Xiao Wu are genuinely in love with each other, I hope they can get married smoothly."

                Wang Chenggong nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, no problem."

                "Lian Lian, this boy Xiao Wu is a good person."

                "If you marry him, Dad will be relieved too!"

                The few people next to him were about to vomit, this man was really shameless.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "The bride price, we'll pay it as usual."

                "I've checked, the standard on your side is one hundred thousand."

                "We'll still give one million!"

                Wang Chenggong was overjoyed, he originally thought that he wouldn't even get a dime this time.

                But he didn't expect that he would still get such a large sum of money.

                "Fine, fine, no problem! No problem!"

                "Don't worry, we will clean up well on our side, so that Lian Lian can get married in style."

                Wang Chenggong said back in a loud voice.

                With a mercenary expression, one would suspect that he was not marrying his daughter, but selling her.

                Lin Mo took over, "This one million, not only is the bride price, but also includes money for her to pay for your old age in the future."

                "I hope that in the future, you won't bother your daughter's life."

                Wang Chenggong froze for a moment, which meant that in the future he would not want to get any more benefits from Xiao Wu.

                His heart was reluctant.

                With Deng Jun and Xiao Wu's relationship, if he pulled a casual hand, Xiao Wu would become prosperous.

                How could he accept the fact that his son-in-law had become prosperous but he could not benefit from it?

                Seeing that Wang Chenggong was silent, Deng Jun immediately said, "What's wrong?"

                "Not willing?"

                "If you really don't want to, that's no problem."

                "We can get you to jail first, and then let my younger sibling and Xiao Wu get married."

                "And this eldest daughter of yours, when the time comes, she might have to go to jail with you too!"

                Wang Ling was instantly anxious: "Dad, what about this ......?"

                "Or else, say yes to them."

                Wang Chenggong was reluctant to the extreme, but in the end, he dared not disagree.

                He gritted his teeth and nodded vigorously, "Okay, I ...... I promise!"

                Lin Mo nodded calmly, "Very well."

                "Since that's the case, then this matter is settled."

                "The wedding, tomorrow, will go on as usual."

                Deng Jun sneered, "Remember, this evidence is always present."

                "If you don't keep the agreement, we can have you in jail at any time."

                Wang Chenggong's face turned pale as he watched Lin Mo and the three of them leave and sat down directly on the ground.

                He knew that he had really fallen this time.

                He had originally been lucky and was prepared to agree to this for the time being and then backtrack later.

                However, looking at the situation now, as long as he dared to renege, then he would definitely go to jail.

                Moreover, he was now regretting to the extreme.

                If he had known that Xiao Wu had such a friend, then he might as well have agreed to let his daughter marry him.

                With Deng Jun's status, if he helped Xiao Wu, he might have been able to open a company for him.

                When the time comes, if you do some work, you might be able to become a factory manager, which is much better than now.

                But such a good opportunity for prosperity was lost to him in this way, he simply wanted to cry without tears.