Medical Genius Chapter 54-56

Chapter 54

Elder He was instantly embarrassed.

                At that moment, Lin Mo walked over and stood beside Elder He, smiling lightly, "What Elder He said is exactly what I am!"

                "You?" The driver looked Lin Mo up and down and laughed coldly, "Old He, you've brought such a milquetoast brat to treat Sir Zhao?"

                The divine Doctor Xue looked contemptuous, "Xiao He, I used to think that you had some real talent."

                "I didn't expect that you have now fallen to this level."

                "Finding such a brat to act as a divine doctor, you're an insult to our medical profession!"

                "You really let me down!"

                Madam Zhao also looked at Elder He with an angry face, Elder He was insulting them by bringing such a young lad over.

                "Mr. Lin is very skilled in medicine, I'm willing to be impressed!" He Lao hurriedly said, "I'm sure he can cure Duke Zhao's hidden illness!"

                "Oh, the way of medicine has to be based on real skills, not just bragging with your mouth!" Divine Doctor Xue laughed coldly, "Xiao He, you're willing to bow down to him, that's because you're not strong enough, it doesn't mean he's as skilled as he is in medicine!"

                He Lao was just about to speak when Lin Mo took a step forward, "Divine Doctor Xue is right, in the way of medicine, one must indeed rely on true skill."

                "The divine Doctor Xue is blowing off such fabulous skills, I wonder how much real skill he actually has?"

                Divine Doctor Xue was furious, "Kid, how dare you talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?"

                "I don't care who you are!" Lin Mo laughed coldly, "Let me put it to you this way, surnamed Xue. Even if I hadn't entered this door, I would have been able to conclude that you couldn't cure Duke Zhao's illness!"

                "Joke!" The divine Doctor Xue laughed: "You dare to make such a presumptuous statement without even seeing the patient. Xiao He, where did you get this charlatan from!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, "Don't say such nonsense, Divine Doctor Xue, do you dare to make this bet with me?"

                "How dare you!" The woman scolded angrily, "Little He, control the people you brought, how can you be so disrespectful to Divine Doctor Xue?"

                He Lao looked embarrassed, if it was any other time, he would have treated Divine Doctor Xue with respect.

                However, he now had more faith in Lin Mo's medical skills.

                Seeing He Lao's indifference, the woman was furious: "Xiao He, take him away immediately. Otherwise, don't blame me for not thinking of old times!"

                He Lao's face was ugly as he whispered, "Madam Zhao, Mr. Lin has real skills!"

                The woman scolded angrily, "I don't want to listen to your nonsense, take him away immediately. Otherwise, I'll have security ask you to leave!"

                Lin Mo suddenly sneered, "Old woman, there's no need to be so troublesome!"

                "You ...... what did you say ......" The woman was furious: "You dare to talk to me like that?"

                "Why wouldn't I dare?" Lin Mo sneered, "Elder He, since they don't welcome us, let's go."

                "But, old woman, let me remind you of one thing. This Xue surnamed will go in and should treat your son with acupuncture."

                "Three needles down, your son will vomit blood. If you don't want him to die, remember, come and beg me personally!"

                With those words, Lin Mo pulled He Lao away.

                "What a joke!" Divine Doctor Xue snorted, "How dare you presume to say what method of treatment I use when you haven't even seen the patient? Hmph, today I will not use acupuncture, what can you do to me!"

                The woman also looked contemptuous, "I don't know where Xiao He found such a madman. Divine Doctor Xue, you have a lot of grace, don't treat him like this!"

Chapter 55

At the entrance of the villa, He Lao looked puzzled, "Mr. Lin, you ...... shouldn't have spoken to Mrs. Zhao like that just now."

                "What's wrong?" Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

                He Lao said softly, "Mrs. Zhao also spoke harshly because of her son's condition and her anxiety in her heart, she is actually quite kind in person."

                "Moreover, Madam Zhao is extremely well-connected in Guangyang City. Even Mr. Nan has to give her a few favours."

                "Mr. Zhao is in charge of several major banks in Guangyang, and most of the companies in Guangyang have to look up to Mr. Zhao."

                "Your wife owns a pharmaceutical company and does a lot of business with banks. If we make a good relationship with the Zhao family this time, a lot of things, it will be easy!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "So what? The moment she comes to beg me, she won't care about what I said before!"

                He Lao was bewildered, "Mr. Lin, are you sure, she will come and beg you?"

                Lin Mo: "If it was another doctor, she might not come. But now that it's that divine Doctor Xue who's gone in, she'll definitely come and beg me!"

                "Why?" He Lao was surprised.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Have you ever paid attention to Doctor Xue's hands?"

                He Lao shook his head.

                Lin Mo said with a straight face, "Divine Doctor Xue carries an acupuncture bag with him, which means that he is an acupuncture expert himself."

                "His left middle finger and ring finger, have some calluses. It means that on a regular basis, he mainly uses these two fingers to place needles."

                "Normally, one would not use these two fingers to place needles. There is only one flicking needle method that involves using these two fingers to place needles."

                He Lao's face changed as he recalled that someone had said before that the method of acupuncture used by Divine Doctor Xue was indeed called the flicking needle method.

                He Lao himself did not even understand it, but he did not expect that Lin Mo would be able to tell from his fingers alone.

                Lin Mo continued, "Although I didn't enter the door, I also basically know about Duke Zhao's condition."

                "He doesn't really have many abnormalities on a regular basis, apart from being unable to have children, except that on the first fifteen days of every month, his nose bleeds."

                He Lao exclaimed, "You ...... how do you know that?"

                He was the one who knew the most about Duke Zhao's condition and knew that what Lin Mo said wasn't bad at all.

                Lin Mo smiled faintly, "With Divine Doctor Xue's flick of the needle, and his impetuous style of acting. He would definitely misjudge Duke Zhao's condition and would use the flicking needle method to place needles on Duke Zhao."

                "And this is precisely the biggest mistake."

                "Not only did I know that he would use the flicking needle method, I also knew that the first three needles he would give would definitely be at Quchi, Guan Yuan and Kidney Yu."

                "As soon as these three needles go down, the suppressed Qi and blood in Duke Zhao's body will be shaken and it will be impossible not to vomit blood!"

                He Lao was shocked, this analysis by Lin Mo was too amazing, right?

                Only, was this analysis, really correct?

                Lin Mo hadn't even met Duke Zhao in person, and yet he dared to make such a bold guess, even Elder He was hardly convinced!

                However, the two of them hadn't been standing here for long before they saw Madam Zhao running out in a hurry.

                "Madam Zhao!?"

                He Lao was shocked.

                Madam Zhao ran directly in front of Lin Mo, her face was pale and she fell to the ground with a poof: "Gods, Gods, save my son, I beg you, save my son ......"

                He Lao was dumbfounded, Madam Zhao had actually run out and kneeled down to beg Lin Mo?

Chapter 56

"Madam Zhao, what is going on?" He Lao said urgently.

                Mrs. Zhao said in a trembling voice, "Divine Doctor Xue gave my son three stitches, and I ...... my son is now vomiting blood ......"

                "What?" He Lao exclaimed, he remembered that just now Divine Doctor Xue had said that he didn't need acupuncture, but how come he had still placed needles?

                Moreover, what Lin Mo said was not bad at all, Divine Doctor Xue had placed three needles and Duke Zhao had vomited blood?

                This was too divine!

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "Originally, with your attitude, I wouldn't bother with this kind of thing. However, for the sake of Elder He, I'll give you a hand!"

                "Many thanks, many thanks!" Madam Zhao thanked her repeatedly.

                Lin Mo got up and led the crowd into the villa.

                At this moment, Divine Doctor Xue and his driver were standing by the side with a flustered look on their faces.

                It didn't matter if he couldn't cure the person, but if a good person was dying, this was a big deal.

                Mr. Zhao had only been unable to have children, but after these three stitches, Dr. Xue was about to vomit blood and die.

                When he saw Lin Mo, Divine Doctor Xue was shocked: "You ...... how did you know I was going to give the needles? How did you know he would vomit blood? What is going on?"

                Lin Mo skimmed his lips, "What's so hard about that, from what you carry with you, I can calculate what kind of medical skills you have learned, how you will treat people in response to different conditions."

                "How is this ...... possible?" Divine Doctor Xue was shocked.

                The divine Doctor Xue did not know that Lin Mo had received the inheritance from his ancestors and knew all the medical arts in the world.

                That little skill of Divine Doctor Xue was just a small trick in Lin Mo's eyes, how could it escape Lin Mo's eyes!

                By now, Lin Mo had already walked up to Duke Zhao's side and casually stabbed a silver needle into Duke Zhao's body, and the spitting of blood immediately stopped.

                Lady Zhao, Divine Doctor Xue's face changed greatly, just now, Divine Doctor Xue had used all his methods but could not stop Duke Zhao from vomiting blood.

                With just one needle, Lin Mo easily stopped him from vomiting blood?

                This was truly unbelievable!

                Lin Mo said slowly, "Not to mention you, even if it was Elder He, I could clearly tell what medicine was given to him for the first time!"

                "Huh?" He Lao couldn't help but be stunned.

                It had been seven or eight years since he had first treated Duke Zhao himself, and Lin Mo could still tell now?

                Lin Mo directly reported out a string of medicine names, and Elder He's expression gradually froze. What Lin Mo said was exactly right, the first time he had used these medicines on Duke Zhao, it was these medicines!

                "Mr. Lin, you ...... are really a godly man!" Madam Zhao exclaimed, she also remembered what medicine He Lao had first used.

                Divine Doctor Xue was dumbfounded, this was too godly, right?

                "Mr. Lin, then ...... then this illness of Mr. Zhao, is it curable?" He Lao asked excitedly.

                Mrs. Zhao had a nervous face, this was the last sole sapling of the Zhao family.

                Lin Mo: "It's not a disease for him."

                "Huh?" The crowd was stunned as Mrs Zhao whispered, "Mr Lin, I ...... can't even get into the same room with my wife until now, my son."

                "Both wives have run away because of this. We have visited all the famous doctors and done all the tests, all ...... to no avail, how is it that he is not sick?"

                Lin Mo smiled, picked up a fruit knife and gestured at the small of Zhao Gongzi's abdomen a few times.

                "What ...... are you doing ......," Mrs. Zhao's face was pale.

                Lin Mo also did not say anything, picked up a few silver needles and quickly stabbed them into the vicinity of Duke Zhao's small abdomen.

                Just then, the crowd noticed that a few bumps had appeared at the small of Duke Zhao's abdomen. It was as if there was some kind of living thing that was moving around inside Duke Zhao's body.

                Lin Mo saw the opportunity and fiercely stabbed the fruit knife in.

                With a gentle prick, a piece of bloody flesh was picked up, and at the same time, a flesh worm was also picked out!

                Lin Mo threw away the fruit knife: "There, Duke Zhao is fine!"