Medical Genius Chapter 538

 Wang Lian was shivering with anger, and she was now completely desperate for her father.

                How could she have ever imagined that her father would do such a thing?

                For his own selfish interests, he could even say such heartless words and do such heartless things ah!

                Lin Mo's expression was calm: "Don't worry, I won't do anything to you."

                "But, your daughter, she will definitely marry Xiao Wu!"

                "And, we won't pay a single penny of the bride price!"

                Wang Chenggong cursed angrily, "Put your mother's bullshit!"

                "If we don't get 10 million, even if I die, I won't marry her off to this punk!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly without saying anything.

                Just then, a man in a suit suddenly walked in at the door.

                After the man entered the room, he greeted Lin Mo and Deng Jun with a respectful face.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Deng, I've got the information you want."

                "You guys take a look at it first?"

                The man asked.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need, just show it to him directly."

                The man nodded and swept his gaze over the crowd, "Which one is Mr. Wang Chenggong Wang?"

                The Wang family was surprised, and Wang Chenggong frowned, "I am Wang Chenggong, what do you want?"

                The man gave him a look and nodded, "Introduce yourself, I'm from Sheng Yuan Law Firm."

                "We found out that Mr. Wang Chenggong, among the three purchases of equipment, there were cases of taking kickbacks."

                "This information is the evidence we have found."

                "Mr. Wang, will you take a look at it?"

                Wang Chenggong was shocked in his heart, as the workshop director, he was indeed responsible for the purchase of instruments sometimes.

                Moreover, he had really taken kickbacks in this equipment procurement.

                In fact, it was common for people like them to take kickbacks.

                However, normally no one would pursue these matters.

                However, once someone really pursues it, it is not a trivial matter.

                Especially this kind of got evidence, plus Wang Chenggong now with the factory manager also have such a bad trouble, once pursued, enough he went to jail.

                Wang Chenggong's scalp tingled, he really couldn't understand how Deng Jun got this evidence with one phone call.

                He originally thought that the man was just bragging, but when he took the file and read through it, his whole body almost didn't fall to the ground.

                The situation recorded in it was not at all different from the real situation.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that there was also conclusive evidence in it, which was provided by the supplier.

                In other words, with these things, it was enough to put him in jail.

                The factory director stood next to him with an indignant look on his face, "Wang Chenggong, you've got a lot of nerve."

                "I asked you to purchase the instruments, and you still dare to take kickbacks?"

                "No wonder the instruments that the factory bought back at a high price broke down so quickly!"

                "Wang Chenggong, you wait, this matter, I'm not finished with you!"

                Wang Chenggong's face swelled red and he gritted his teeth, "Factory manager, I ...... I took less than fifty thousand in total, it's not a big deal."

                "Big deal, I ...... will pay this money back to the factory, won't that be enough?"

                The factory manager said angrily, "Do you think this matter is just as simple as paying out money?"

                "I'm telling you, this matter has too much impact on our factory, I'll make sure you go to jail!"

                Wang Chenggong was anxious: "Factory manager, just these tens of thousands of dollars, let me go to jail, not so much, right?"

                "Besides, who doesn't have some foul play in the factory's procurement business?"

                "I just don't believe that these few tens of thousands of dollars can make me go to jail for much longer!"

                He turned to Lin Mo Deng Jun and roared, "Son of a bitch, trying to scare me with this?"

                "I tell you, it's useless!"

                "Even if I go to jail, I will never let my daughter marry you!"

                "I'll be out in a few months at most, and by then, even if I risk everything, I'll fight you all to the end!"

                At this moment, the lawyer smiled, "Mr. Wang, I'm afraid it's not that simple."

                "In this matter, if ordinary people sued, you would indeed only have to sit in jail for a few months."

                "However, if our Shengyuan Law Firm takes over. I can guarantee with my reputation that you will have to sit in jail for at least ten years!"