Medical Genius Chapter 536

 Seeing that Wang Chenggong and the others were silent, Deng Jun couldn't help but be surprised, "Uncle Wang, what's happening?"

                "Haven't they arrived yet?"

                Wang Chenggong was embarrassed beyond words, not knowing how to explain.

                Just then, a voice suddenly came from the doorway, "We arrived a long time ago."

                Deng Jun turned his head, only to see Lin Mo and Xiao Wu already standing at the door.

                He was overjoyed and hurriedly welcomed them over.

                "Aiyo, we've finally found you two."

                "What's wrong with you two?"

                "I can't even get through on my mobile phone, I've been around here several times."

                "What's going on? Did things go well?"

                Deng Jun laughed harshly.

                Lin Mo smiled coldly, "Quite smoothly!"

                "They've already agreed to completely break off their relationship with his daughter for a million dollar bride price!"

                Hearing this, Deng Jun's brow immediately furrowed, "What's going on?"

                The factory manager also quickly looked at Wang Chenggong, his intuition told him that something was wrong this time.

                Wang Chenggong's face was swollen red, shocked and angry.

                Lin Mo told him what had just happened.

                After hearing this, Deng Jun was directly annoyed.

                He turned his head to look at Wang Chenggong and said indignantly, "Did you say all this?"

                Wang Chenggong looked embarrassed and said with a smile, "Aiya, it was all a misunderstanding."

                "That, let's ...... us sit down first and talk slowly."

                "Come, come, make tea, make tea ......"

                Wang Ling came over with a cup of tea, but was stopped by Deng Jun.

                "One million right?"

                "Okay, wait, I'll have someone bring it to you now!"

                Deng Jun took out his mobile phone and called, instructing for someone to send one million dollars over immediately.

                Wang Chenggong and the others were even more panicked, even if he was a fool, he knew that he couldn't take this million.

                If they really took this million, they would have completely offended Deng Jun.

                When the time comes, if Deng Jun casually targets them, they will be finished, and they will probably lose their jobs.

                On the contrary, if they get in touch with Deng Jun, they will definitely benefit a lot in the future!

                "Aiya, I ...... am just kidding ......"

                "Xiao Wu, quickly greet your friends to come home to sit ah."

                "Oops, really sorry, poor greeting ah ......"

                Wang Chenggong said with a smile.

                Xiao Wu lowered his head and didn't say anything.

                Deng Jun waved his hand directly, "Don't bother."

                "The money will be delivered right away."

                "We'll come to pick up younger siblings tomorrow."

                Wang Chenggong looked embarrassed and hurriedly said, "Aiya, passing through the door is a guest."

                "Come, come, sit down first, let's discuss the specifics of this marriage."

                No one paid any attention to him, and neither Lin Mo nor Deng Jun went in to sit.

                Wang Ling couldn't stand it and couldn't help but say, "Hey, what are you tugging at?"

                "It's just driving a Porsche, what's the big deal?"

                "You come to my house and act like you're a millionaire, do you really take yourself seriously?"

                "What's the big deal about a Porsche, my husband owns a Porsche too, and my husband isn't as tweaked as you are!"

                Wang Chenggong also looked at Lin Mo and Deng Jun with cold eyes, he was very angry in his heart, he felt that Lin Mo and Deng Jun were looking down on people too much.

                Deng Jun said in a cold voice, "Who's tugging?"

                "You were the ones who offered a million dollar bride price, as if you were selling your daughter."

                "Since it's just a deal, what's the relationship to talk about?"

                "The money arrives, we take the person away, it's as simple as that, what's the waste of words?"

                Wang Chenggong's face was ugly.

                He could see that Deng Jun was really annoyed.

                It looked like it was impossible to get involved with them.

                He pondered for a while, then suddenly put his heart in his mouth and gritted his teeth, "It's not that simple!"

                "Hmph, now we've changed our minds!"

                "One million is not enough, it's ten million!"

                With a single word, several people in the room turned their heads to look at him at the same time.

                The factory director was in a hurry, "Old Wang, are you crazy?"

                "Who have you seen asking for a bride price of ten million dollars?"

                "Even in Guangyang City, I've never heard of such a high bride price!"