Medical Genius Chapter 535

 Deng Jun cautiously said, "Uncle Wang, you know my father?"

                Wang Chenggong froze for a moment, what kind of words are these?

                I don't know your father, what are you doing here looking for me?

                Could it be that this was the child of one of his female friends?

                God, this was an awkward situation.

                After a moment's hesitation, Wang Chenggong still hurriedly saved the day: "Oh, that ...... then your mother is well now?"

                Deng Jun was even more confused, you even know my parents?

                "Uncle Wang, you even know my mother?"

                Deng Jun said curiously.

                The scene was completely awkward.

                Wang Chenggong was confused, I don't know your father, I don't know your mother, so who should I know? I know your grandfather?

                After a moment of silence, Wang Chenggong couldn't help himself, "Mr. Deng, then ...... then you came to my house for?"

                Deng Jun hurriedly said, "Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you."

                "I'm a friend of Xiao Wu's."

                "Isn't it Xiao Wu's wedding tomorrow, I figured your family must be very busy, so I came over to help."

                "Right, Uncle Wang, shouldn't Lin Mo and Xiao Wu both be here?"

                "Why haven't I seen them?"

                With these words, all the people in the room fell into silence, and Wang Chenggong and the others were completely confused.

                After a long silence, Wang Ling couldn't help herself: "You ...... are really Xiao Wu's friend?"

                Deng Jun immediately nodded: "That's certainly true."

                "We can't be considered friends, we can basically say we're close brothers."

                "When we were in school, it was just the three of us who had the best relationship."

                "I'm the only one in my family and I just totally think of them both as my brothers!"

                Once again, everyone in the room looked at each other as they all panicked inside.

                Who would have thought that Xiao Wu would know such a big shot?

                Wang Chenggong took a deep breath and cautiously asked, "Mr. Deng, I haven't asked you yet, what kind of business are you in?"

                The factory manager hurriedly laughed, "Ah Success, you don't know yet?"

                "Mr. Deng, that's the president of Xu's Medicinal Herbs Company, Mr. Deng Jun."

                "Nowadays, 70% of the herbal business in Guangyang City has to go through Xu's Medicinal Herb Company."

                "It can be said that Mr. Deng, General Manager, is now the medicinal herb king of Guangyang City!"

                Upon hearing this name, Wang Chenggong was directly confused.

                The two words, Deng Jun, were now very loud in Guangyang City.

                Especially after the last medical exchange meeting, Lin Mo had won big, and Chen Shengyuan had given most of the herbal trade in Guangyang City to Deng Jun to do.

                Now Deng Jun can really be considered a successful entrepreneur, with a status and reputation that is not in any way below Xu Hanxia.

                The herbal company he was in charge of could now be said to be the most profitable company in the Xu Group and was highly valued by the board of directors.

                That Porsche Paramela was the one that Fang Hui had bought earlier.

                However, when Fang Hui was later expelled from the company by the board of directors, the Paramera was left behind.

                Originally, Deng Jun was not qualified to drive this car, and many leaders in the company wanted to compete for this car.

                However, later on Deng Jun made the herbal company bigger and made a lot of money.

                As soon as the board saw the situation, they immediately allocated this car to Deng Jun, which was considered his seat.

                In Guangyang City, there were too many companies that wanted to cooperate with Deng Jun.

                For example, Wang Chenggong's factory has always wanted to cooperate with Deng Jun's company.

                However, their factory was so small that they couldn't even meet the department managers below them, let alone Deng Jun.

                Therefore, when the factory manager heard that Deng Jun had come in person, he immediately ran down to receive him personally.

                If he could make a good relationship and negotiate a contract with Xu's herbs, he could make his factory rich!

                However, the factory manager did not know that Wang Chenggong and the others were now feeling very cold in their hearts.

                If they had known that Xiao Wu knew a big shot like Deng Jun, they wouldn't have treated Xiao Wu like that just now.

                Now, at this time, the situation was so awkward that how should they reply?