Medical Genius Chapter 534

 Wang Chenggong immediately looked out, only to see several people coming out of that car.

                One of them, bald and obese, was none other than the factory manager.

                The factory manager was following a man with a sarcastic smile on his face, and it looked like this man was the owner of the car.

                If Lin Mo was here, he would have recognized at a glance that this man was Deng Jun.

                After finishing the company's business, Deng Jun immediately prepared to go to Xiao Wu's house to help.

                Halfway there, he called Lin Mo and learned that the two of them had already come to Wang Lian's house to help.

                He then immediately turned around and came this way, not even having the time to go to Xiao Wu's house.

                However, he didn't know exactly where Wang Chenggong's family lived.

                When he arrived in the area, he called Lin Mo and Xiao Wu, but no one answered, both of their mobile phones were gone at that time.

                In the end, he had no choice but to run to the factory and try to get someone from the factory to help bring them over.

                He had vaguely heard Xiao Wu say something about Wang Chenggong, so, when he arrived, he directly said he wanted to find Wang Chenggong.

                Because this Wang Chenggong would later be Xiao Wu's father-in-law, he was considered his elder.

                So, when Deng Jun talked about Wang Chenggong, he was very respectful.

                As a result, that factory manager mistook Deng Jun for Wang Chenggong's junior.

                When he learned of Deng Jun's identity, he immediately brought him here personally.

                The few people upstairs were of course unaware of the situation, and when they saw the factory manager, they all got excited.

                "Sure enough, it's them!"

                "Look guys, the factory manager is with him, this is the one who came to our house!"

                Wang Chenggong was slightly surprised, because, he didn't know Deng Jun ah.

                Deng Jun looked to be in his twenties and thirties, and it couldn't be his old friend.

                Wang Ling also looked surprised: "Dad, do you know this man?"

                Wang Chenggong shook his head blankly, "I haven't seen him."

                Wang Ling: "Then what's going on here?"

                "Why is he coming to our house?"

                The family looked at each other, all at a loss.

                Wang Chang suddenly said, "Dad, could it be the son of your old friend?"

                Wang Chenggong froze for a moment and then burst into joy, "You don't say, it's really a possibility."

                "Looking at this, it looks about the same age as you guys, maybe it's really the child of one of my old friends coming over."

                "Come on, hurry up and pack up, go and get the guests!"

                After some fussing by the people inside the house, Wang Chenggong ran to the door with the family and waited respectfully.

                Not long after, the factory manager accompanied Deng Jun and walked up.

                Deng Jun was still on the phone the whole way, he was still trying to contact Lin Mo and Xiao Wu.

                Just as he reached this side, the factory manager immediately said, "Mr. Deng, this is the place."

                "This is the Wang Chenggong you were looking for."

                Wang Chenggong greeted him with a smile on his face, "Mr. Deng, how do you do?"

                "Your presence here has really made this humble house shine!"

                Deng Jun immediately ran over and extended his hands to shake hands with Wang Chenggong.

                "Uncle Wang, sorry I'm late."

                "How is it, is there anything else you want to help with at home?"

                When Wang Chenggong heard this address, he was even more excited.

                It looked like this was really the child of his old friend.

                Otherwise, why else would he call him Uncle Wang as soon as he came up?

                And asking if there was anything else he wanted to help with?

                This old friend was taking too much care of himself!

                "Aiya, it's good of you to come, what can I help you with?"

                "Come, come, please have a seat in the house."

                Wang Chenggong greeted Deng Jun and went inside, not caring about the factory manager behind him.

                If it was any other time, he wouldn't have the guts to do so, but this was a different time.

                The factory manager didn't feel anything wrong either, and followed him into the house with a smile.

                After exchanging pleasantries, a few people sat down.

                Deng Jun looked around blankly, didn't he say that Lin Mo and Xiao Wu were already here? How come there was no one there?

                At this moment, Wang Ling came up with a cup of tea and offered him tea, while throwing a wink at him.

                Deng Jun frowned slightly, but didn't care.

                Wang Chenggong chatted casually for a few minutes before asking smilingly, "Mr. Deng, how is your father doing now?"

                "Hey, speaking of which, we haven't seen each other in years!"

                "Is he well now?"

                Deng Jun was confused, you know my father?