Medical Genius Chapter 533

 Wang Chenggong couldn't hide the smugness on his face, "Aiya, it's not easy to say."

                "As you all know, I am a person who is just a good friend and speaks of righteousness."

                "When I was in school, when I was a soldier, I had a lot of friends."

                "Many of my classmates and comrades are now big shots."

                "I just kept a low profile and didn't want to contact them. It seems that these old friends, still can't forget me!"

                "Alright, enough talk, you guys hurry up and clean up."

                "Clean up and bring out my treasured tea leaves!"

                Wang Chenggong ordered excitedly, and both sons and Wang Ling began to get busy.

                This was a matter of their future prospects, and they were working harder than one another.

                Wang Ling said to Lin Mo in a lofty manner, "You two, why don't you get out of here?"

                "Didn't you hear that my family has guests?"

                "What, still want to play games in front of the guests?"

                "Don't blame me for not reminding you, this is a big shot that you can't afford to mess with."

                "If you make a scene in front of such a big man, it won't be as simple as breaking your arm or leg."

                "One bad mess and both of your little lives will be lost here!"

                Wang Chang then walked up to his mother and said with a dark face, "Mother, take Lian Lian back to her room first."

                "What's the matter, wait until the guests have left."

                Wang Lian's mother also knew the seriousness of the situation and whispered, "Xiao Wu ah, either ...... or you can come back this afternoon?"

                Xiao Wu, who had respect for Wang Lian's mother, nodded and whispered, "Lin Mo, we ...... can come back in the afternoon as well ......"

                "Lian Lian, don't do anything stupid, I will definitely marry you back!"

                Wang Lian nodded her head vigorously.

                Lin Mo couldn't contact Deng Jun now, so he could only go and find a mobile phone first.

                After the two had left, Wang Chenggong was even more refreshed: "These two spoilers have finally left."

                "Come on, hurry up and boil water for tea."

                "Also, bring out my suit, I need to change into it quickly."

                A few people were busy cleaning up the house, both inside and outside.

                As soon as they finished, they heard a shout from outside.

                They hurriedly ran to the window to look down and saw an extremely beautiful luxury car parked in the courtyard downstairs.

                And near that car, a bunch of people were gathered around and were pointing at the car.

                This was a rather old staff building, and there were not many people here who bought cars.

                As for this kind of luxury car, most of them had never seen it before.

                After seeing it, these people all felt novel.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that they could all see that this car was definitely worth a lot of money.

                Wang Chenggong was surprised: "Yo, this car looks really nice."

                "It shouldn't be cheap, right?"

                Wang Ling took a look and immediately exclaimed, "Oh my god, a Porsche Paramela!"

                "Dad, it's not just not cheap, is it?"

                "Just this one car, you can't get off without two million!"

                "When I got married, the head car was a Porsche."

                "But the one I had then was nowhere near as good as this one."

                "It's the top of the range, it's so beautiful!"

                Wang Chenggong's eyes widened, this car was surprisingly expensive to this extent.

                Wang Chang and his brother were also at the window, full of envy.

                There were few young people who did not like cars, let alone such a luxurious car.

                "Who in our courtyard has such a luxury car?"

                Wang Chang couldn't help but ask.

                Wang Chenggong shook his head, "Are you kidding?"

                "The people living here are all old employees of our factory, even the factory manager's broken Mercedes Benz is only over six hundred thousand."

                "A two million dollar car, who can afford to drive it?"

                Wang Chang was shocked: "That ...... then how did this car come here?"

                Wang Ling's eyes lit up and she suddenly said, "Dad, this ...... is not your old friend's car, is it?"

                Wang Chenggong's heart skipped a beat, if this was really the case, then he would be out of the limelight this time.