Medical Genius Chapter 532

 Wang Chang's eyes lit up, "Yes, Dad, let the security section come!"

                "This is our factory's staff building, if they come here to cause trouble, it's like causing trouble in our factory."

                "It's most appropriate for someone from the Security Section to come over."

                "First break his dog paws, then send him to the police station, and say that this grandson came to our factory to rob things."

                Wang Ling laughed loudly, "That's right."

                "When the time comes, we'll even get the title of seeing the righteous and brave!"

                Lin Mo ignored them and turned to Xiao Wu: "Bring me your mobile phone."

                Xiao Wu pulled out his phone left and right, but could not find it, with a bewildered face: "I ...... seem to have lost my phone too."

                Lin Mo was depressed, just now it was too confusing, I guess Xiao Wu had lost his phone.

                Wang Ling suddenly laughed out loud: "Two big men together, can't even get a phone that can make a call."

                "Aren't you even ashamed of yourselves?"

                "All poor like this, and you still want to come running to marry my sister?"

                With a sneer, Wang Chenggong took out his mobile phone and was just about to make a call when a call came in first.

                As soon as he saw the caller's number, Wang Chenggong gave a jolt and hurriedly said, "It's the factory manager."

                "The factory manager is calling me, so you all keep your voices down."

                After speaking, Wang Chenggong cleared his throat vigorously, put on a flattering smile on his face and carefully answered the phone, "Hello, factory manager, what are your instructions?"

                An excited voice came from the other end of the line, "Success, where are you?"

                Wang Chenggong was surprised, the factory manager had never spoken to him so politely before.

                "Oh, I'm at home."

                "There's something going on at home today, I've taken leave."

                "Is there something going on at the factory? I'm going back now!"

                Wang Chenggong said back flattered.

                The factory director said smilingly, "No need, I'll be at your home soon."

                "And, I've brought an honoured guest with me."

                "You should hurry up and clean up, make tea and clean up, don't neglect our valuable guest!"

                Wang Chenggong was even more surprised: "Factory manager, you ...... who have you brought with you?"

                "Do I know?"

                The factory manager laughed: "Just kidding, you must know him!"

                "He came to our factory and asked for you directly, and asked me to bring him to your house."

                "That tone of voice, it even sounded polite."

                Wang Chenggong was dumbfounded: "Really?"

                "What's his name?"

                "Really ...... is really a big shot?"

                The factory manager hemmed and hawed, "I'll leave the name out for now, to give you a surprise."

                "But let's put it this way, it's a big deal!"

                "Whether or not our factory can rise from the dead this time, we can totally rely on this big shot."

                "Success, you're really hiding something."

                "You know such a big shot, why didn't you say so earlier?"

                "If I had known you had such connections, why would I have gone to those companies?"

                "All right, this time it's done, you'll be the second in command of the factory from now on!"

                Wang Chenggong was overjoyed.

                He was now only the workshop director, not even a deputy factory manager.

                He originally thought that it would be good for him to be a deputy factory manager in his life.

                Who would have thought that this time he would be promoted to the second-in-command directly?

                He knew that there were five or six deputy factory managers in the factory, but none of them had much power.

                The most powerful one is the second-in-command of the factory.

                If he could become the second-in-command of the factory, it would be a real step to heaven.

                But what kind of big shot did he know?

                How could such a good thing happen?

                Did a pie fall from the sky?

                As he pondered, he hurriedly told his family about the factory manager's words.

                When Wang Ling and the others heard this, they were all overjoyed and excited.

                "Dad, where's the big shot from?"

                "Is it any of your old classmates and comrades who have become rich and have come back to you?"

                Wang Chang asked excitedly.