Medical Genius Chapter 531

 Wang Chenggong was furious: "Shut up!"

                "I'm putting my words here, one million dollars bride price, if you can get it, this daughter will marry him!"

                "How about that? Can you afford it?"

                Wang Ling looked at Lin Mo with a smug look of disdain.

                Even if it was her husband, it wouldn't be easy to come up with a million dollars.

                Lin Mo's expression didn't change in the slightest as he smiled lightly, "One million?"

                "Old thing, is your daughter worth a million in your eyes?"

                Wang Chenggong sneered, "Why are you talking so much nonsense?"

                "Can you get a million you?"

                Lin Mo looked at Xiao Wu and laughed lightly, "Xiao Wu, what do you think?"

                Xiao Wu's face swelled red: "Lin Zi, I ...... really don't have that much money ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head: "I'm not asking if you have that much money, I'm asking you, do you think a million is worth it?"

                Xiao Wu was anxious: "Lin Mo, what ...... words are you calling?"

                "Lian Lian is priceless in my heart!"

                "Even if I had to trade this life for it, I would be willing to do so!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head and glanced at Wang Chenggong, "Do you hear me?"

                "That's what you call true love!"

                "He loves your daughter, your daughter is priceless."

                "You just use your daughter as a bargaining chip for your own promotion, therefore, your daughter is priceless in your heart."

                "That, is the difference between you!"

                Tears welled up in Wang Lian's eyes, and she was moved in her heart.

                Wang Chenggong, however, was not at all impressed and said impatiently, "Cut the crap."

                "You told me to make a request, I'm saying it now."

                "One million, get it, and my daughter will marry him!"

                Lin Mo said, "One million, fine!"

                "But, I have a request."

                Wang Chenggong froze, Lin Mo could really take out a million?

                However, he was quickly overjoyed again.

                To be able to take one million was better than being the deputy factory director.

                Taking 300,000 for a gift might make him the deputy factory director, and he could still earn 700,000 for himself.

                "What are your demands!"

                Wang Chenggong asked in a hurry.

                Lin Mo said, "One million for you, and from now on, you are not allowed to go looking for trouble with them again."

                "This daughter, from now on, has nothing more to do with you."

                Wang Chenggong glanced at Xiao Wu and smiled coldly, "No problem!"

                "They have nothing to do with my family any more!"

                "Not only that, this wedding of hers, we will never attend it either!"

                "I'll pretend I don't have this daughter!"

                The Wang Chang brothers and Wang Ling also nodded their heads, "We're not going to this shitty wedding, it's not enough to make a fool of ourselves."

                From their point of view, Xiao Wu was a cripple and his family was poor like that.

                If they really got involved, they might even have to borrow money from his family, so of course he didn't want to.

                Lin Mo nodded his head and took out his mobile phone, ready to call someone to send money.

                It was then that he realised that the phone was broken.

                Carefully recalling, he probably bumped the phone when he was fighting just now.

                Seeing Lin Mo staring at the phone without speaking, Wang Ling immediately sneered, "What?"

                "Can't take it out?"

                "Hmph, you were blowing it off quite a bit just now, I almost believed it."

                "Look at that stupid phone of yours, how can you come up with a million dollars? I'm afraid it's hard to get a hundred dollars!"

                Lin Mo was still using his old mobile phone, bought for eight hundred dollars, it was indeed very worn out.

                When Wang Chenggong's family saw Lin Mo's mobile phone, they all looked disdainful.

                In this day and age, who would still use such a broken phone?

                Just now, Lin Mo had spoken so confidently, they really thought that Lin Mo could get a million dollars.

                Now it seemed that it was just a bragging liar!

                "Rubbish, a waste of time!"

                "Forget it, let's not talk nonsense with him."

                "Call the police to arrest him!"

                Wang Chang yelled loudly.

                Wang Chenggong also gritted his teeth and said, "Kid, running to my house to play a scoundrel, I think you really want to find death!"

                "There's no need to call the police, I'll call the factory right now and have the men from the security section come and get him!"