Medical Genius Chapter 530

 Lin Mo's confidence left several people in the room bewildered.

                Wang Ling was not convinced and immediately took out her cell phone to call her husband.

                It rang several times before the other side got through.

                "Husband, where have you arrived?" Wang Ling said urgently, while looking provocatively at Lin Mo.

                A depressed voice came from over there, "Ling Ling, I can't go."

                All of a sudden, several people in the room froze.

                Wang Ling was confused: "You ...... how come you can't come ah?"

                "I'm being bullied ah, our family is being bullied ah!"

                The person there: "I know, but, I ...... have something on my side."

                "I don't know what's going on, Fan suddenly brought people to my place to cause trouble."

                "I was surrounded by people, can not run ah!"

                "But you don't have to worry, I'll let my friends go over to help you."

                Wang Ling was dumbfounded, she looked at Lin Mo blankly: "You ...... what did you do?"

                Lin Mo sneered, in fact, when he went upstairs just now, he was ready to tear his face off with this family.

                He first called Uncle Fan and asked his son to go ahead and help with this matter.

                He didn't let Tiger do it because, for the time being, he didn't want the Wang family to know about his strength situation.

                This time, Xiao Wu was definitely going to marry Wang Lian.

                Lin Mo did not want to show his strength, he wanted to see clearly, who in the Wang family is against this marriage!

                Once the strength is revealed, then it will not be able to see the true nature of these people.

                Lin Mo moved a chair, sat down with a big horse and said in a cold voice: "Okay, now we can talk."

                Wang Chenggong was also much more honest this time.

                He knew how capable his son-in-law was, and even his son-in-law was stopped, so it was clear that Lin Mo was not simple.

                "You ...... what do you want?"

                "I told you, this is now a society under the rule of law."

                "Do you hardly want to intimidate us?"

                Wang Chenggong spoke with a little shivering voice.

                Lin Mo sneered: "You also know the rule of law society?"

                "A society under the rule of law, children's marriage is free, and it is not something you can interfere with."

                "Also, you have locked your daughter in the room, which is kidnapping."

                "You also forced her to jump from a building, which is equivalent to murder!"

                Wang Chenggong was full of bewilderment: "I ...... my own daughter, I can do whatever I want, you ...... you don't want to scare me ......"

                Lin Mo sneered: "It looks like you're really legally illiterate."

                "All right, I don't want to talk this nonsense with you either."

                "I still say, my brother, definitely want to marry your daughter."

                "If you agree, that's fine."

                "If you don't agree, then let's take the legal route and see who wins in the end!"

                Wang Chenggong looked blankly at his two sons, he was really not sure about these.

                The younger son, who still knew something about the law, nodded helplessly, implying that what Lin Mo said was right.

                Wang Chenggong panicked a little, he took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, "You ...... you don't have to scare me ......"

                "I just don't believe it, my daughter dares to sue me!"

                "If she sues me, I ...... I ...... I'll die for her to see!"

                This old guy, also really ruthless, even morally kidnapped his own daughter.

                Lin Mo smiled faintly: "Don't worry, you will die, no need to be so anxious."

                "I'm not scaring you either, this is not talking to you."

                "Say it, how in the end, you can marry your daughter to my brother!"

                Wang Chenggong was just about to refuse when Wang Ling suddenly came up to his ear and said a few words.

                Wang Chenggong's eyes lit up and immediately said, "OK, I'm not that unreasonable."

                "I have two daughters, and when my eldest daughter got married, they gave a bride price of 300,000 yuan."

                "This youngest daughter, of course I can't let her be aggrieved."

                "I will agree to this marriage if you pay a bride price of one million!"

                Xiao Wu's eyes widened: "One million!?"

                "I ...... where am I going to get a million dollars!"

                Wang Lian was also anxious: "Dad, what are you talking about?"

                "Are you selling your daughter, or are you marrying her?"